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    s & w 4014

    I just bought a S&W model 4014 and was told it isnt made anymore.do they still make parts for it? I got it with 5 mags and a holster for $400 so I couldn't pass it up.

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    All I was able to find on gunbroker was a magazine for one. It's quite likely that as more time passes, parts for this gun will get harder and harder to find. So, make sure you take good care of your new gun.
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    You got a good deal on your 4014. You can get parts at e-gunparts. Smith & Wesson*|*4014*|*e-GunParts.com
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    what parts are most freequently replaced on a pistol? I have no experience with handguns or anything else that goes bang. only been shooting a couple months. I was shooting a beaver target at 15 yards with a .45 with iron sites. that should tell you my " experience" level. common sense would dictate extra firing pin , recoil spring, and barrel. what else would be a smart "extra" purchase?

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