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    For those interested: AmmoLand | Ruger American Pistol Compact Model and Ruger | AmericanPistol.

    Ruger introduced a compact version of their duty size pistol with a barrel length of 3.55", a overall length of 6.65" and a height of 4.48". The capacity is 10 or 17 rounds with an extended magazine. The slanted sights suck though.

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    Ruger seems to be replacing their SR series with these Americans. This one replaces the SR9C.

    I do like the look of this compact American but there is no way I'll get rid of my SR9C.

    Ruger did away with the LCI, which I liked. It was reassuring, in a dark room, to run my thumb across the top of the gun and feel that LCI blade in the up position. Some complained about the LCI so it's gone on this model.

    A few also complained about the gripping serrations on the front of the slide, so that's gone too.

    Wonder what the main complaint will be on this beauty.
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    I have the Pro version with no safety. I fired it 20 rounds. I was using new manufactured brass cased ammunition, but a suspect brand. I had three failures to eject and then the slide would not go back far enough to lock. I sent the gun back to Ruger (They gave me a pre-paid shipping label, and no problems) that was 12 days ago FedEx tried since Thursday to get it to me, I got it today. Ruger said they replaced the guide rod and slide assembly and made a point that they then test fired the gun with fifty quality rounds of 115 grain Black Hills ammunition. I cleaned and lubed it, but it will be a while till I shoot it again, but I will when I can.

  5. I too love my Sr9c, no real problems. Once and a while I will have a light strike situation but not convinced it is the gun. Leaning towards primer brand, since a I shoot mainly reloads. But took it to range this week and let another person shoot it with rave comments afterwards.

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