New Ruger yesterday!!!
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Thread: New Ruger yesterday!!!

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    New Ruger yesterday!!!

    Got tired of spending all that money on the big guns and bought a MK III Hunter .22 caliber.
    Boy! You can shoot a long time with a brick of .22s. Put a cheap Barska Red Dot site on top and had a ball for about three hours at the indoor range I go to. We have seven lanes and on Friday we had to wait for 1 and a half hour for a lane. Everybody wanted to shoot their new guns. The shop said that they sold 30 guns before noon on Friday, hope they keep going, they had a tough time for a couple of years before.
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    Congratulations on your new purchase! Have a blast!
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    Congrats and happy shooting.
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    Even though I love my .45's, the appeal of a .22 is starting to look a bit more attractive from an economic standpoint.

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    Congratulations! I would love to have a nice 22 pistol to target practice with. They can certainly be accurate and inexpensive to shoot.

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    Good luck with your new purchase, let us know how your doing with it.
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    Congrats on your purchase. I'm also going to give the cheap ammo some shooting. I ordered a Browning Buckmark today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AkSarBen View Post
    LOL thats too funny.

    Congrats on the new pistol and the .22 are alot of fun. Post some pics when you get a chance.
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  11. I have the same set up. Get shooter. It is a lot of fun to shoot but a bit of a pain to clean, but I love it you can not go wrong with a Ruger.
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