Inceptor, amo.ARX.
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Thread: Inceptor, amo.ARX.

  1. Inceptor, amo.ARX.

    Good or bad.....also...RIP..good or bad ???

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    There is a Handgun Ammunition and Reloading sub forum. There is also already an existing 9mm Ruger Polycase ARX vs. Gold Dot vs. HST thread. How about reading this thread and replying in it with any further questions?

    As for the G2 Research R.I.P. ammo, there have been a number of threads on this. It is a RIP-off gimmick round.

    First Independent Gel Test of G2 Research’s RIP Ammo
    G2 research R.I.P. Ammunition!!!
    R.I.P G2 Ammo
    New bullet
    seen this?
    New Bullets Mean Certain Death

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