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    Model 1917 Revolvers

    Do any of you have either a Colt or S&W (or both) military model 1917 revolver in .45 acp? If so, please advise as to what you think of them as a firearm and if one is better than the other and why. Looking to acquire one.

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    I have a S&W 1917 and love it. I've fired both the S&W and Colt and both are great firearms. The problem with the S&W is barrels are non existent now. I searched for a week on the internet and making calls so I could replace one for a friend. I ended up parkerizing it with the old barrel. He can only shoot shot shells out it now. Either one that is in good shape makes a great addition to a collection and are great 'BIG' shooters!
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  4. Model 1917 Revolvers

    I would recommend a Smith & Wesson Model 1917 revolver for a couple reasons. I have one of the Brazilian contract S & W 1917 revolvers that were made in the 1930's. Colt does not have a similar model, and from what I've heard, the steel was better in the 1930's as opposed to before WWI. Also, there is an aftermarket adjustable rear sight called the FDL Wondersight that can be added to the Smith & Wesson without modification to the gun, but requires drilling and tapping a hole on a Colt, which would not be good for collector value. Plus the Brazilian crest on the S & W is kind of neat.

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