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    This thread sounds like a high school issue.

    For a high school kid, I would say, join the wrestling team and learn how to fight that way first.

    If you want to learn how to shoot start with a 22LR rifle or pistol or both.

    When you reach 21 then pick out a pistol that you can shoot well. By then you will be ready for a 9x19. That's all the gun you will ever need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zero View Post
    Hey if anyone actually knows what their talking about out there in cyber land I have a few Questions .... First one being can you put a hellfire trigger system or a 3 round burst tac trigger system on a MPA mpa57sst ????????????????????
    Looks like you correctly noted all the grammar errors but this did not tip you off about the high schooler's actual status.

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