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  1. Sig P938 suggestions

    Just purchased a 938 with laser for a good price. One of those, I wanted it and at that price I could not say no. For those that have a sig 938..... any suggestions? Things you have learned while carrying it or shooting? A this worked for you, or didn't work for you when it comes to the 938.

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  3. A couple of ideas that work for my p938 SAS

    I purchased a p938 (SAS) as well about 9 months ago. Been carrying it when I needed deeper concealment or during the summer when light clothing made concealment more difficult for my compact p239. A couple of things I found worked well for me.

    First, I decided to go with the extended 7 round magazines. These gave me a much better grip and therefore more consistent shot placement. Except for pocket carry, the difference in grip length have a negligible effect on concealment, so for me the tradeoff is worth it.

    Second, I ended up purchasing an appendix carry holster from StealthGear (they support a laser configuration). I have used their IWB Onyx holster for my compact 239 and love the fit and comfort for all day carry. I actually do not use the appendix carry position, but the more standard 4 o'clock with the p938. Because of the small size and light weight of the p938, this works fine with the appendix holster in the standard IWB position. It conceals well with everything except form fitting shirts. Since it is tuckable, even a t-shirt can conceal is it is bloused around the waist line.

    Third, I switched out the standard belt belt clip for the Ulticlip. This allows me to clip directly to the pants waist and secure the holster even if I do not wear a belt. Again, the small size and weight of the p939 make this workable and gives me many more clothing options as well as a quick way to secure and de-secure the holster and weapon when needed.

    Finally, one issue I am still working on is a good way to carry extra mags. Given the limited number capacity, at least one if not two extra mags would be my preference. One solution that came out after I purchased my holster is the StealthGear AIWB+ holster which includes an integrated mag carrier. StealthGear is a premium holster (quality & $$$), but if you have invested in a Sig then I assume that is your market.

    Hope you find this useful.

  4. Awesome. That was exactly what I was looking for

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