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  1. Bersa's are junk, and if ya'll quit buying them maybe I could find one in a gun shop.

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    Smile 10 rd. Clips

    Hey Fellow Bersites,

    I was just wondering if anyone has seen or knows where to get a 10 rds(or more?) .45 cal magazines that will fit the Mini Firestorm .45???

    Thanks in advance,

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  4. Quote Originally Posted by rrc1962 View Post
    I looked at one today. It fits my hand nicely. I also looked at a Taurus PT145 and a Kahr CW45. The Kahr has a thinner profile but didn't feel right in my big hands. The PT145 feels good and holds 11 rounds vs 7 rounds in the Bersa.

    What's the verdict on Bersa? Is it a decent gun. I know from the price point that it's not best. I like the action on the Bersa over the PT145. The Bersa is true DA/SA with a hammer. Opinions?

    Very good shooting gun - surprisingly accurate. There was a run of pistols that would not fully return to battery, but this is covered under warranty.

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    Bersa/firestorm mags and a full line of accessories can be found at also check out bersa chat for the best forum. Thers are a bunch of nuts over there.

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    I took it to the range a few days ago, shot only about 21 rounds, just to check it out...I was very
    surprised at the accuracy of this little pistol ! I was shooting at a standard military full silouette paper
    pistol target at about 10meters and the first 7 rds all went into a 3 in grouping or so.

    I bought this little pistol from a guy for $350, and it included a nylon side holster and a nice pelican case as well.
    He had only put exactly 130 rds thru it for his (armed guard) initial permit trng.

    So, now it has 151 total rds thru it, LOL.

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    handgonnetoter Guest
    The Bersa Model 85 was the first semi-auto pistol I ever bought back in 88'. I still liked it better when they made them of all steel, but I do think the alloy ones now are lighter. The still build a solid gun for the money.

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    What's going to be your purpose for the weapon? To shoot for fun or use as self defense at home or carry piece?
    My daughter has a Bersa 380 Thunder I got her for her 21st birthday and it was more reliable than my Walther PPKS by S&W. She's also a better shot than me. My instructor said buy the best you can afford. For CCW I'd want XD, M&P or Sig 229 as a great piece. FN has a lot of value in their weapons too. If you are looking for a carry 45 Para Warthog has some nice guns. 1911 Springfield better yet, go to a range where you can handle a few, shoot two or three of your best choices. Then buy the favorite one, then come back for the others later. That's what I usually do.
    Whatever you get see what features comes stock then take it to a good Gunsmith, get it tuned, deburred, polish feed ramp, sear, upgrade trigger, extractor & spring. Don't pay a lot for things you can do your self.

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    I finally called the Bersa/Firestorm distributor. They told me my Bersa/Firestorm Mini .45 Pro (All Satin Nickel) was
    imported into the USA in April 2009, and they no longer are imported into the USA at all.
    They were replaced with the Bersa Thunder series they told me. So, now I know I have one of the very
    last ones imported into the USA, cool.

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    People love them or hate them. I had one a few years ago. action was very stiff, I kept thinking it needed to break in. After a 1200 rounds someone else pointed out the top slide was bent and I got it new. I had already sold it. They got it repaired n/c.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rrc1962 View Post
    I'm actually looking at the Bersa Firestorm .380 or the Kel-Tec P11 for my wife. I like the .380. Very comfortable in my hand and easily concealable. She wasn't overjoyed because it wasn't "pretty". We haven't been able to find a P11 in person yet.
    I have a bersa Thunder 380 you tell me if it's pretty

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