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Thread: .357 for home defense?

  1. I think the 12 guage is best but not as quick to get to in my case.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Sparks View Post
    I'm thinking of getting that one or the Taurus 650.
    How's the recoil and how do you carry it?
    I actually use +P for SD (CorBon DPX) and practice with .38's! .357 kicks hard and is not fun to shoot a lot of but the 125gr .357 is one of the most effective man stoppers available! :D

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  4. I do this also . I also have puma lever gun in 357 and it is a hoot to shot the hotest rounds I can find. Good deer gun for FL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrLewall View Post
    Wasn't it Master Ayoob who said that the 12ga shot gun was the best and most devistating weapon a home owner could have? I just can not get over the fear of the hi-power the 357mag has, espcially for home defense...
    Yeah, but the distinctive KA-CHUNK ! of a 12ga, is a FECALATOR in homes worldwide. ya gotta give it that .....
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    .357 for home defense

    I had a Taurus 606 snub nose and loved it. It was very easy to conceal and recoil was controlable even with full factory loads. I also liked the idea of having 6 rounds in the cylinder as opposed to the typical 5 in most snubbies.

    Good luck
    Be safe, shoot straight and have fun!!

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  7. We could just have dog barking and shotgun slide operation on tape. UPsssssssss

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    Quote Originally Posted by ishi View Post
    Rats, I didn't know it overpenetrated that much. Does the 357sig have the same amount of overpenetration?
    Don't worry about over penetration. It is a bunch of over-hype.

    In gun fights 8 out of 10 shots miss anyway and how is a .357 that goes through the bad guy, more dangerous than the 9mm that misses.

    If you worry to much or don't want the recoil, use .38 Specials +P at home in your .357.

    Me I have a .357 hanging on the bed post, a .45 by the bed and a short barreled 12 gauge loaded with 00 buck under the bed.

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    Over-penetration is a misplaced fear.

    Aside from the fact that the occurrence of over-penetration would be very unlikely to have a negative effect (low probability of innocent strike vs. high probability of faster bleed-out due to 2 holes instead of one), over-penetration occurs for an entirely different reason than most people think.

    Over-penetration is caused by the failure (or lack of design capability) of a projectile to expand, fragment, or tumble terminally in order to expend its kinetic energy rapidly. This failure is most commonly the result of clothing barriers clogging the hollow-point, or too-low of an impact velocity. Higher velocity actually increases the odds of a projectile to overcome the elastic resistance of a given medium, and its own structural integrity, thus decelerating rapidly while expending its energy through wider-spread disruption of the medium. Velocity is not proportional to penetration unless using projectiles which do not expand or lose stability upon impact.

  10. I keep a Smith & Wesson Model 65 in my night stand loaded with 150 gr hollow points.

    It is over 20 years old with several thousand rounds ( most have been 38 special) and still a great gun.

  11. Ishi...

    Ruger GP-100 with a 4" barrel is a great gun for HD (my wife has the 6" full lug). Great gun at a great price.

    I swapped out the main spring and return spring, with a reduced power set from Wolff Springs. The trigger is awesome and it can handle full loads all day (and a pleasure to shoot them I might add).

    I reload my own .357mag ammo, and with my reloads I have put 6 shots touching at 25 yards.

    The cheaper ammo from PMC and Magtech doesn't seem to group as well as my handloads.

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