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Thread: .357 for home defense?

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    I as well bough a GP-100 with the full weight 4" barrel for my "dresser gun". It sits behind my matress grip facing up on the bed frame behind my pillow and is easily accessed at any time I'm laying in bed. I also have a Mossberg 500 12 gauge in the closet for a situation where I would have the time to pick it up and "inspect" what is going on.

    The GP-100 is a well-rounded, very reliable and accurate revolver and I can handle a box of 50 125gr FMJ's with ease, in fact if .357 wasn't so expensive I would practice with it all the time! I'm also a pretty small guy at 5' 7" and 145lbs. I had to replace the factory grip with a Hogue because it has a more thin feel to it, but other than that it is a great shooting firearm. I would trust my life to it any day of the week!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BikerRN View Post
    I have a 12 Guage for Home Defense, but the .357 Magnum is what will let me fight my way to the 12 Guage.

    Admit it, nobody carries their 12 Guage through the house with them, or while they are in the Kitchen fixing lunch.

    You obviously have never put a sling on your 12 gauge shotgun. ;)

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