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  1. I s this gun 23/4 ''or 3'' also

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwo51 View Post
    I s this gun 23/4 ''or 3'' also
    They make it in both!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unearthed View Post

    I wouldn't market it as a defense to car-jackers though. Would look good at my bedside I think!
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    I guy had one at the range and was kind enough to let me shoot a .410 round. It does bite a bit, but damn the profile target 7 yrds out was peppered big time from torso to head. A person at the wrong end of this would be on the operating table for a hours on end while the doctors plucked the pellets out.

  6. Like I said, lethal but not precise. Mine had the long barrel and was overly heavy and large for carry purposes. I prefer my kimber 1911s.

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    Seems like a MASSIVE snake gun..sure it would be fun to shoot but not likely to be a primary or even back up defensive weapon in this house for my snake gun, I use a 2" snubby with 38 shot pretty darn good!
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  8. Good to have all those options out there . 3" mag slug ! hog gun.

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    Thumbs up Judge

    I've had one for a few months now. In fact, I just shot it last night. I keep mine within arms reach of the bed, with the first 2 rounds of .410 #4, and the last 3 w/ hollow points. My thinking is this. I'm not in my prime by being awakened in the middle of the night. Hopefully, the .410 pattern will awaken me enough and buy enough time to aim the hollow points. Sure, it's not highly accurate, but neither am I after just being scared awake.

    Mine is the 3" chambered for 2 1/2" rounds. The Magnum which is chambered for 3" is supposed to be out soon. The last I heard, it will be around for the Shot Show in Vegas in Febuary.

    Anyway, they aren't too bad of a nightstand weapon, but they are a hoot to shoot. And they definitely get other peoples attention when fired.

  10. I think the Judge would make one heck of an anti car jacking weapon. The range of the shot shells would be small enough I doubt if you would need to worry about hitting a soccer mom in the butt. When a bad guy sticks his face in your car window you would hardly have to aim. As "Gun Blast" said, ant the least the puke would have to learn braille while he was in prison.

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