M&P 3.6” Vs 4” barrel
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Thread: M&P 3.6” Vs 4” barrel

  1. M&P 3.6” Vs 4” barrel

    So I’m looking at buying one of these handguns as my first carry gun. I was just wondering if there are any huge differences in terms of concealing something 0.4” longer. The way it shoots etc.

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    Personally, I draw the line at 4".

    It is a personal preference, but I like to stay at 4" bbl or longer. It allows me to keep both sight radius and velocity.

    Does it really make a difference, probably not, but as I said, it is a personal preference.

    As for concealability... Just .4" in bbl length does not make much difference. Is there any difference in magazine capacity or grip length?

  4. TAC is right is personal preference. For example. 5 years ago I purchased a Glock 26 to carry. (My first ). However I never carried it cause it was just too big for how I dress. Then I switched to pocket 380’s and carried every single day. For the next two years that’s how I carried. Had to learn to shoot such a small pistol. Then I found kydex holsters and started carrying appendix. Sold almost all of my 12 380’s and now the past 3 years carry 3 pistols. The Kahr cm9 , the Glock 42 and 43. And I carry every single day everywhere. So my point is. First find one you WILL carry

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