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  1. Looking for best pocket carry gun

    I am looking to get a new pocket carry gun that is easily concealable in my jean (w/ wallet holster) and shorts pockets with warm weather coming. I have considered the LCP 2, Kahr CW380, and the S&W Bodyguard. Your thoughts?

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    I pocket carry my little LC9S Ruger in a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster pretty good. I even carry it with the extended mag in it that way too. Or even my little 22 mag Revolver in a pocket holster too.

    I was carrying the Ruger in a crossbreed IWB holster but it just go too uncomfortable to carry it that way so I quit using it for the most part. I drive a truck so sitting all day doesnít really work well. Iíve got a nice little leather Mich Rosen pancake holster for OWB carry but Iím just not too much into open carry. Of I had longer shirts maybe, I could conceal it better but itís still quite noticeable.

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  4. Got this one up for sale...
    Looking for best pocket carry gun-img_0311.jpg

  5. Quote Originally Posted by AZ Husker View Post
    Got this one up for sale...
    Looking for best pocket carry gun-img_0311.jpg
    How much is your Seecamp? Is it 32acp is it an older model or the newer Southwicks?
    As far as a pocket gun I find the little Ruger lcp2 is excellent. The only Kahr I would buy would be any of the 9mmís. The CM9 can be pocket carried easily also. I had a Kahr 380 and It was horribly unreliable. My CM9 is flawless.

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  6. It is an original Milford. Here is my listing. I couldn't ship the ammo, so PM me for an adjusted price.

  7. If you are considering a 380 pocket gun, stay away from the Taurus TCP. Mine has been back to the factory twice for failures to load, failure to eject, and failure to fire because the firing pin is making contact on the very edge of the firing cap--probably related to the failure to load issue. I am about to return it for the third time, but will be replacing it with a Beretta Pico. The Pico is small and has a heavy trigger, but is absolutely reliable which I want in a carry gun.

  8. In my opinion the Kahr PM9. About the smallest 9 mm on the market Easley fits in a pocket in a holster and has more Firepower than a 380.

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  9. Iíve had all of them and each have pluses and minuses. But for long heavy trigger pull and a true 380 pocket pistol. I like the pico and lcp1. With lcp1 being first. Itís light. Heavy pull. And balances well in the pocket. Lcp2 was too light of a trigger pull. S&w was a little too heavy and would rotate in my pocket and I had magazine issues.

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