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  1. question

    Anybody with this issue notice if your release button is flush with the right side of the grip or not?

  3. Taurus told me there were problems with the mags as well as the mag release 'dog ears' on the inside of the mag holder/handle. They sent me two new mags (after I sent them my two) and I also bought another one for $40 to troubleshoot. Taurus sent me two new mags in about 10 days. At the range, they all started increasingly dropping out. Fortunately, a small arms pro was there, shot the Taurus, and noticed that the catches on the inside of the pistol were almost gone. Taurus is sending me another Magazine Catch Release.
    I am seeking instructions on replacing the part myself. I suspect that this is your problem. If you send them your pistol, expect 10-12 weeks for repair. A blind man should be able to fix it by then. I'm going to try and would rather pay a gunsmith than wait that long. There are some postings on reversing the release that give info on how to take it loose. If all else fails, I'll send them the pistol and parts in a bag.
    Good luck,

    Quote Originally Posted by Hawaiian Shooter View Post
    Aloha everyone,
    I just bought a brand new Taurus Millenium pro 40 sub compact, took my son shooting and after shooting a few rounds the mag kept dropping about 1/2 " so the next round would not feed. Can anyone give me some advice on how to correct the problem. Has anyone had this happen to them ? When the mag stayed in the gun shot great.
    Thanks in advance for your help

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    I have owned a PT-140 pro for 3+ years now, have 2500+ rounds through it never had a problem like that.
    did have the firing pin guide loosen up in the slide but peened slide to hold pin and all is great.

  5. I didn't fire but about 50 rounds before the mag started dropping. I tried everything, talked to some pro's, tried shooting the pistol with all fingers and thumbs away from the release. Now when looking inside the pistol, only one corner of the mag. release exists. The other corner is gone. Please look at the video link and see if it is enough info to change the part myself. The video is for reversing the release for lefties, but I think I can use it to replace mine whenever Taurus gets the part to me.
    Taurus MILLENIUM PT140 PRO: left handed magazine release video on CastTV Video Search

    If you know any other specifics regarding this replacement, please post your information.

    My Walther PPK was recalled a week after buying it and has been at S&W since March. the PT140 was my other small piece that can't be used until part is replaced. Having to carry larger frame until my small pistol problems are resolved.

  6. I have a number of friends with the taurus pt 140 millenium pro in their collections. I borrowed one for my CCW class and fell in love. I bought one for myself after processing my CCW paperwork etc. The first time I fired it, the mag dropped. I naturally concluded I did something wrong. After 25 or so rounds the magazine dropped either every time or every other time and/or when a round was chambered on the initial load. I took it to my dealer and it dropped on him. Every one that has fired it experienced the same problem. I have talked to taurus a number of times and finally they are sending me a new mag release. I have been waiting over a month. The guy on the phone stated the part was on back order. If this doesn't work I will be visiting with the dealer again. I will let you know what happens.

  7. I got the mag release, watched a video on you tube, then swapped it out. The difference is night and day. I am very pleased.

  8. PT-140 Mag release fixed by Taurus

    I posted this once and it is out there in cyberspace somewhere because I didn't see it show up here.
    After waiting two months on Taurus to send the new mag release, I called and they had FexEx pick up the pistol. It arrived back here in five weeks. Same FedEx dude LOL. The next day a new Mag release part arrived, so now I have a spare. I've put close to 100 rounds through it with no problem. My advice is if you have another small piece to carry for a few weeks, send yours to them and let them fix it. This little inexpensive pistol feels good to the hand but has a long trigger pull. My reloads fire flawlessly through this thing.

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