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    Inquiring minds want to know...

    Lots of good advice already given, so I'm curious to learn what she decides on - let us know!
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    Everyone I know that bought a Walther P22 has been unhappy with it. I owned a Sig Mosquito and had nothing but trouble. For a dependable 22, Ruger is next to impossible to beat. If price is not a real factor take a look at the Berreta Cheetah 22. Same size as a 380 or small 9mm and top of the line. Once she gets to enjoy shooting and is ready to move up, THINK 9mm or larger if she can handle it. Most women can handle a 45 with no problem once the get past the initial fear of recoil. If revolver is what she is thinking, Taurus makes a small carry size 22. From there the step up would be "J" frame 38 or 357. Just make sure you shoot at common self defense distance, so she won't get discouraged about hitting the target. 20' or closer with carry type guns.

    Good Luck!!!
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    I started my wife with my tz-75 9mm compact.. she had nothing to compare it to so she said it was ok.. then she shot my full size EAA Witness .45. she said she liked that one much better because there was more of a grip to hang on to. after shooting my .40 full size baby eagle she wanted to steel it from me! so again, it's just a matter of handling everything she can and getting to shoot them as well. she might surprize you and like a bigger caliber as my wife did.. she prefers the .40 and .45 over the 9mm. good luck!
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    My wife started shooting with a Ruger Mark II .22 target pistol. It was a great start, due to almost zero recoil. She also likes the Ruger SP101 loaded with .38 SP and she's completely taken over my XDm-9.
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    It's been said already and I'll reaffirm it; take her to a range and rent everything available. The key is fit. I don't like Glocks because they don't fit in my hand well, I don't like the grip angle so it doesn't point naturally in my hand. I do like 1911s (particular double stacked Paras), third generation S&W, SIG-Sauer and Taurus (Beretta clones).

    Also keep in mind that if it's going to be a CCW and not strictly a home defense handgun it also needs to be comfortable and feasible to conceal. If it's not comfortable to CCW, she won't carry it. Ladies have an additional challenge when it comes to CCW with holster selection and carry mode. Not all ladies can effectively conceal a full sized 1911 on their body. In which case it may be time to consider a Commander sized or Officer's ACP.

    If your spouse ends up being a firearms version of Imelda Marcos that's not necessarily a bad thing. The only bad thing that might happen is she may want to join you at the range all the time, want to make her guns look more girly and harass you for a pink AR-15. Make sure your range has a ladies' night where you stay home and you send her there with her guns and ammo. Guys, other than a good range officer, don't need to be there on ladies' night to screw up a good thing.

    If she's set on .380 ACP, a Bersa Thunder .380 makes an excellent choice; not as expensive as Walther or SIG and is very pleasant to shoot and accurate out of the box. I also prefer the Bersa over the Walther and SIG because it has a slide stop. The magazine disconnect is debatable. I like them being a 3rd generation S&W aficionado, others don't.
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    Yeah, I let my wife shoot a lot of pistols thinking she would want a .380 or 9mm. She decided she wanted my Glock 23. I guess giving options has its pros and cons.

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    I seen a real cool pistol that should be fairly easy to control and very effective.Its a 410-45 hammerless revolver easy to use and does the job,One is called the Judge it shoots 2 1/2 inch 410 then there is the Prosicuter,my spelling is bad so please excuse it,it shoots 3i inch 410. Taurus and Smith and Wesson also makes it.But beware there are some really cheep models out there and they are scarry.

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    You should find a wife that is capable of independent thought and doesn’t rely on you to do all her thinking for her. If she is capable of thinking for herself, why not let her find the gun she likes? After all, she’s much more likely to carry and practice with something she’s comfortable with as opposed to something you have chosen for her.

  10. Old line

    I just got a handgun for my wife.......It was a good deal!

    Seriously though, my wife has Rheumatoid Arthritis and has trouble loading magazines and pulling a slide, so she keeps a Rossi .38spl by her side of the bed.

  11. My wife bought a Smith and Wesson 22a pistol for herself back in December or January. She likes it but didn't feel like she was really shooting a real gun. so a couple months ago we rented several guns from a local gun store. She shot a Kahr CW9, a Glock 26, and a M&P9c. She loved the M&P and found one at a gun show with Crimson trace grips for 660. She loves her 9mm and we have a matching set now.

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