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    For those of you with the Crimson Trace on your LCP- Have any of you had issues with it not activating when the button it held in?

    I have some problems with it and have taken the CT off the gun once or twice to see if something was binding, and no dice. It seems to work 75% of the time so I don't know if it is a bad contact in the switch or I'm just being too picky.
    Call Crimson Trace. They are an excellent company and will help you out. I haven't had any problems with mine.

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  3. LCP is a great little pocket option, every one should have one in their inventory, or at least something like it.

    IMO, your carry system isn't complete, if you're missing a small pocket option.
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    One of these wound up in my pocket in a DeSantis holster last weekend. Not entirely sure how that happened but I don't think I'll kick it out.

    Only thing I had to adjust to with it other than the fact that I have very large hands (the finger extension does help me grip it with a finger and a half) was the length of trigger pull. I guess I was so used to my Kimber I forgot sometimes you have to actually move the trigger more than | | much.

    I got it basically for summer wear but it's so small and comfortable it will probably stay in my pocket year round.

    I was glad I saw this post when I was considering it.
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