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    My first 1911

    I picked up my first 1911 today, a NIB Kimber Custom II.

    Initial impressions:

    The finish could be better, but still looks good enough. The pistol was LOADED with dirty greasy grime right out of the box, but thats no big task for me. I stripped it and cleaned it out really well and re-oiled everything after blowing it out with compressed air, then blowing off any excess oil.

    I shot 8 rounds out of it just to see if it goes "bang". It goes bang. I hit an empty fire extinguisher from 25 yards a few times and the other shots hit very close.

    The instruction manual for disassembly could use some touching up. For the new 1911 owner, I resorted to YouTube instead, putting the manual back in the box where it came from. Useless.

    The recoil is very, very manageable. Pistol is more than combat accurate and I think with some adjustable sights will make a great shooter! For a first 1911 in the cheaper end range, I don't think I could have done much better. Future plans are to send it out to Fusion Firearms to get bobtailed and have the adjustable Bomar-style tritium sights installed, along with a two tone ceramic coating.
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    Got a Kimber Custom Stainless IIwith 500 rounds thru it . Had a few ftf with Winclean ammo, using fmj not a hitch. Also my 1st 1911 and am happy with it. Will be getting night sights in March.

    Congrats on the new pistol

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    I'd love to see pics - especially once you get that sexy two-tone ceramic finish complete! The only "cure" for a gun-porn addiction is MORE gun porn!!
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    Gun Porn! Gun Porn! Gun Porn!

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    OK OK, here is a picture I took with my trusty Nikon D40... too bad I had to ruin the quality by using mspaint to shrink it.

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    Congrats on the new pistol. You'll be please with the Kimber. I had a Ultra carry II and have the ultra CDP II now and love them both. For a 3in barrel both were very accurate so yours should be a great shooter. Enjoy it and post more pics once you've tricked it out.
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    congrats on the 1911, i've had a kimber but sold it ... but i got a S&W 1911 to make up for it... great gun, you will be happy...
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    After shooting it a bit, I have decided that with my small sized hands a shorter trigger and thin grips are in order. With a proper grip, I can only barely get the first joint of my index finger on the trigger. I can shoot it of course but the accuracy I think is suffering because I can't grip it how I want to...
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    Oh! And as a side note, I experienced no problems thus far but I have only shot 50 rounds off CCI Blazer and 8 rounds of 230gr Gold Dots (those things are expensive, eh?)...
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