Home 9mm Pistol For Wife?
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Thread: Home 9mm Pistol For Wife?

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    Home 9mm Pistol For Wife?

    I am looking for a 9mm pistol for my wife to keep at home (this particular pistol will not be OC nor CC). I realize this is rather subjective and she needs to "try them on for size". But, I am looking for suggestions to help her get started.


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    Problem solved, get her a GLock 19.

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    I have a Glock 19 also. My favorite of all my guns is my HK however when you consider price, reliability, ease of operation etc. the Glock is a good choice. Go to a gun store that carries a lot of different kinds of hand guns or a gun show. Let her try racking the slide. No matter how good a firearm you have if she has a problem operating it it will do her no good.
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    try a baby desert eagle. they are great pistols and the grip is very comfortable. my wife loves mine and she thinks she is going to make it her's:)
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    Berreta 92FS or Taurus PT92. Heavy frame makes for very little recoil and the PT92 has 17+1 capacity.

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    My wife likes my Sig P239.

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    for a 9mm house gun i'd go with an XD M. 19+1 add a light and laser to that and youve got a great home defense 9mm.

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    I agree with NavyLT with regard to a "heavy" (i.e. steel frame) dedicated house gun. A compact, polymer frame weapon is (generally) going to have a higher recoil and more difficult return to target. Since she is not concerned with carrying the primary factors would be accuracy for the knock-down rather than short barrelled and lightweight. Of course, securing the weapon in a reasonably accessible place may factor into the size requirement.

    Re: Baby Desert Eagle - I thought they were only available in .40, not 9mm.

    Lately I have been considering the tactical carbines and shotguns instead of the traditional "house gun" form factor. More accuracy, up to 20 rounds and a form factor which makes light and red dot options a bit more realistic.
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    I guess I'll have to ring in and say that the S&W M&P 9 (full size or compact) are worth a look.

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    Thanks everyone, I appreciate the input. Now I just have to find some of these guns so she can try them on for size. That may prove a challenge.

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