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    FYI as a side note and perhaps a little off the subject I have a Walther P5 compact and it ejects the shells to the left. Don't know what different it makes. I can't say I notice which way the shells are going that much anyway when I am shooting. As far as I know the P5 is the only gun that does that.
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  3. Ambidextrous Weapon?

    After having owned a S&W 4506, and having been issued S&W revolvers in the past, I would much rather have a revolver if S&W were the ony choice of maker. The Springfield Armor XD and XDM pistols are as ambidextrous as they come. They have a grip safety similar to the old 1911, and a trigger safety, similar to the Glock, except that it is metal, not plastic. The magazine release, which is the ony control you have to maipulate in the field, works from either side equally well. The slide release and takedown lever are on the left side of the pistol, but if the slide is locked back, and you put a new magazine in, just give the slide a quck tug and let it go. it will close without having to manipulate the slide release. In any good training for using your weapon, using it with your off hand will be covered, because if your strong hand is disabled, say by a gunshot, you have to be able to operate your weapon with your weak hand. We even had a drill were you stuck your semiauto in your belt and inserted a magazine and closed the slide, all with the weak hand, under stress conditions. Who knows? You might have to do it in the field someday. Of course, there is never a condition in the field which will require you to disassemble your weapon, so the take-down lever is not even considered. That is for when you are in the comfort of your home or shop and are cleaning it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfling68 View Post
    Do I have to worry about her shooting herself when she holsters it? I haven't worked with a double action only gun without manual safeties, so I am concerned of an accidental trigger pull for a novice...........
    Just don't have your finger on the trigger when you holster it. Make sure the holster is properly fitting the pistol. An improper fitting holster can cause a ND if it catches the trigger.
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  5. Thanks for the replies. She didn't like the XD, the Sig, the Walther, etc (they are all good guns!!). The only gun she liked other than the S&W was the Baby Eagle, but the Smith won out. Off to the range tommorow, ladies shoot free night :-)

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