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    From what I can gather, I'm good in GA on my TN permit for concealed and open carry. Can someone confirm that? Is there anything else I should be aware of, such as no carry where they serve alcohol? We'll be in Savannah for a couple days and eating out, so that's one that could get me.

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    No problem

    It won't be an issue. However, if I were you, I would carry concealed.

  4. I usually do, but not deeply concealed. Just an untucked shirt or jacket over an OWB. Just making sure I'm OK if someone accidentally gets a peek. Thanks. Sounds like it's all good.

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    Your TN permit is good. You can carry into a restaurant that serves alcohol but not a bar. The main area to be aware of is the "public gathering" clause which is no carry to any event where the gathering is for a "specific" purpose. This means churchs, religeous events, sporting events, political rallies, etc. Malls and shopping centers are alright as long as one of the mentioned events isn't happening on the property. For more info see:

    Georgia Concealed Carry Permit Information

    Georgia Gun Laws in Plain English on's Places Where Firearm Carry is Off-Limits's Places Where Firearm Carry is Not Off-Limits

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