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Thread: One in the chamber? Or not!!

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    I change carry guns according to need ,attire,etc. All my CC guns are loaded with 1 in the chamber at all times even when they're in the safe. I just want to grab and go--no loading or slide racking.
    HD shotgun--shells in tube but none in the chamber.
    Rifles--not loaded but mags are next to them in the safe.
    When I first started CCing I was a little nervous about carrying in condition 1. Now after a few years of carrying I see no reason to carry unless it's in condition 1.

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    I have only been carring about 5 years I was a little nervous at first mosltly from the social stigma because I have been around firearms my whole life practically. My primary carry is a 1911 .45 cocked and locked but sometimes carry a USP compact .45 1 in the chamber hammer down saftey off.

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    I am still new to ccw, but reading these posts I carry always with 1 in the chamber. LEO,s carry that way for a reason. You won't have time to rack the slide. WTSHTF you have to be ready. Condition 1 always.

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    The one time I ever needed my pistol and was able to get it out of my car in time (rabid pitbull chasing my little brother), I had to chamber a round and by then it was too late.

    I'll never leave ANY of my firearms out of full battery ever again.
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    I have reviewed this post several times now and done a lot of thinking about it. Me personally, depending on where I am, who I'm with, and what I'm doing, I find myself in Condition 2 or even sometimes 3. Yeah, I feel comfortable there, and I trust the safety between my ears and will probably start walking around in Condition 1. The condition one walks around in depends a lot on his state of mind and comfort zone...
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    Chambered or not

    I carry a Ruger P85 (DA), round chambered safety off

  8. About 95% of you said you keep your CCW hot all the time. I have a couple double action pistols and keeping mine cocked and ready doesn't scare me because I think it is going to discharge on its own, I'm scared that when I try to grab my little compact out of its holster in a rush I'm going to accidentally smash the trigger and blow a hollowpoint into my leg (or more valuable surrounding areas).
    If you guys had a collective mouth, out of one side you would be saying "I trust my noodle to not do that" and on the other side are saying "motor skills are the first to go in a bad situation (shaking, accidental squeezing of things, etc), so I don't want to have to chamber one." Well, I'm not trying to call anyone out, but think about that for a second. Objective logic would at least tell you that many the same reasons for wanting to keep a gun cocked can be used as reasons to NOT keep a gun cocked (without a thumb safety.)
    I somewhat agree with everyone, but what I'm saying is this is usually NOT a clear cut decision. You guys be careful with your weapons and don't be too reckless...ever heard of the expression, "It will backfire"? :)

  9. Oh yea, and one more thing:
    To say a loaded gun that isn't hot is "like a paperweight"...well come on guys that's just ridiculous. I can count at least 10 of you said that. Come on guys that's outrageous for so many reasons; don't make me explain why that's as silly as it is!
    Take it back :P

  10. I certainly will not argue this either way - preferred is to have a bullet chambered however everyone has different situations and you need to be comfortable given your situation. You certainly would have a huge advantage with one in the chamber but it all depends on your experience, the gun, safety features or lack of, accessibility to others/children, the holster type, etc. If you dont feel comfortable with one in the chamber practice your draw consistently racking one in the chamber. With practice you can do this very quickly. It is not the best but better than nothing. If your in a situation that where a half second is going to do you in, you should try other tatics running, cover, and refraining from pulling your weapon unless at all costs. Take advise from the others: 1) get a gun thats right for you 2) make sure you know how to use it regardless of your technique. There are number of concealed weapons with no saftey.. yes they can discharge with the right hit around and into the trigger guard. All it takes is one hit on the holster or other material the right way and it will discharge.. not all models but some. I practice typically several times a week and have for over 30 years and accidents do happen so make sure you are comfortable with your weapon and practice a lot with a unloaded weapon to make sure you are comfortable.
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    Remember that "consistency" is the key. ALWAYS keep your finger well off of the trigger until you're ready to fire. Practice holstering and drawing as you carry as frequently as possible. I have a couple of guys that train with me. We check each other out before beginning to train and call each other on stuff we see. We all have airsoft pistols that are identical to our carry firearms. After we're done practicing "dry" with the real guns, we substitute the airsoft pistols and do various "force on force" drills. I'm glad to say that we've only had 2 mistakes so far. (both times not me) :) Though one mistake is "too many", I'm glad that it happened during our training and not in a "real life" situation. It's much better to get shot in the foot by an airsoft pellet than to get hit by a 165 grain JHP bullet.

    Whatever you decide, it's a personal decision. As the gun owner, YOU are ultimately responsible for whatever happens with your firearm.

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