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Thread: One in the chamber? Or not!!

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    Here's the link to the 21 foot drill I mentioned before.

  3. Don't just stand there and shoot. Side step or back peddle. Get more time and disorient attacker. move to other side of knife hand.
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    Thanks JBB

    I'll have to try that on my friend with an air soft 1911 pistol tomorrow at work>

  5. I've thought about this some lately. I carry my 1911 hammer down on a loaded chamber. I'll probably catch it for saying it here, but it works for me. I'm not really sure where or when "cocked and locked" for the 1911 came to be the accepted standard. If it is "safe" cocked and locked with one in the chamber why would it be unsafe uncocked with one in the chamber.

  6. why would it be unsafe uncocked with one in the chamber.
    Actually, it would be safer. For the bad guy:icon_cheesygrin: Just kidding. I personally don't care what other people choose to do, but for me, it's one in the chamber and ready to go. I chose an XD, because I don't even want to have to think about a safety. I do understand that for all you 1911 guys it's just second nature to remove the safety.

    Someone posted a video of a motel clerk drawing and firing his gun. After watching how quickly that ordeal unfolded, there is NO way I will ever carry a gun without one in the chamber. Unloaded guns scare me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBB View Post

    Here's the link to the 21 foot drill I mentioned before.
    Good info in that link... it is in my bookmarks now as a definite keeper.

    BTW, always one in the chamber for me... always!

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    I carry my GLOCK loaded, and my 1911 Locked and Loaded.

    If I shuck it, I plan to fire it.

    when seconds could cost me my life, I want to be as prepared as possible.

    I magine pulling your weapon, and chambering a round. The guy on the other end is going to fear for his life and shoot you. If you simply pull and point he may lower his weapon and move on.

    The act of chambering a round is a visible sign of aggression, and they will fire.

    course dis be my take onit.
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    An empty cylider and one bullet in my shirt pocket just like Andy taught me.

    If I'm not going to have one in the pipe, that would make just as much sense to me. The argument of carrying empty chamber for civilians is ludicrous. Pehaps if you are carrying as Police or Military then you may have time to rack a slide because you are GOING to a shootout. You may be chasing the bad guy or heading to the battle. As a CCW however, the shootout can ONLY come to you!

    As a CCW you are not going to go looking for the shootout except in that extreamly rare circumstance where someone is actually firing upon others, which although sounds like the romantic hero novel it is really a majorly unlikely circumstance for which you carry. You cannot go after the robber, you cannot go after the assault perpetrator, you cannot even go after the guy that just shot the other guy ... chase him, catch him, shoot him, face the court on the likely charge of murder one even in the most gun friendly jursidictions like here in Florida. No Threat ... No Draw ... PERIOD!

    So when are YOU going to use your gun. The most likely time is when the bad guy sticks his in your face and says give me your money.

    OK, easy, with an empty chamber the routine at this point is Reach, Rack, Die! Because as you are racking he is going to pump two, three or more into your soon to fall limp body.

    SELF DEFENSE! That is why we CCW. Not to be psudo cops, not to be heros not to believe that we are EVER going to be in the street in a gun fight. You can carry your extra three magazines but bet your sweet butt that your odds of being in a situation to reload and start firing the second time that is not going to end up with you in jail is really, really poor.

    When you WILL use your gun is to protect yourself or another while the heat is on and it is reach, draw and FIRE or it is nothing at all. THAT is what you should be practicing. If you are practicing aiming, or long distance shooting, or tactical approaches then you better be carrying a badge because otherwise it is all just a fantasy.

    CCW is for one purpose and one purpose ONLY and the sooner WE realize it the sooner the remainder of the world can recognize the REASON we carry.

  10. Hammer down on 1911 ? It could go off if the hammer is hit hard.On half cocked is a different story, with an active half cock point . 1911 was made to carry cocked and locked......

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    makarov has

    a " decocking" lever that allows you to carry one in the chamber with little fear of going off on accident. push lever down and you are ready to launch.

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