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Thread: One in the chamber? Or not!!

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    I agree with most, carry with one in the chamber. An unloaded gun is an odd shaped rock, very difficult to throw accurately. When you need it it has to be ready right now.

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    +5 always have a round chambered. It could mean the difference between me on the ground dying or the BG on the ground dying

  4. allways one in the chamber
    be ready,On my seecamp there is no safety
    all my others safe on,revolvers now have hammer blocks to prevent
    fireng if the hammer is hit.

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    Welcome to USA Carry, you new guys. Seems like you newbies (to this board, not to carrying) really know what you're talking about. You'll fit in here just fine.
    Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.

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    Right ON Brother...

    Quote Originally Posted by elkhuntCO View Post
    ... An unloaded gun is an odd shaped rock, very difficult to throw accurately. When you need it it has to be ready right now.

    Gota have one in the pipe. What good is a 7+1, 15+1, 19+1 or whatever if you do not +1?
    Semper Fi

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    One in the pipe

    One in the chamber, always. Time is of the essence and you do not have time to ask the bad guy to wait while you get ready to take your shot, if you have the misfortune to need to take one. The best result sometimes is just to hold your weapon on the slimeball and watch him wet his pants while the police are on the way to arrest him, with no shots fired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elkhuntCO View Post
    An unloaded gun is an odd shaped rock, very difficult to throw accurately.
    That would make a nice quote for a signature line. I'm going to use that next time someone asks me why I carry with one in the pipe.
    Silent Running, by Mike and the Mechanics

  9. One in the chamber?

    I carry a Springfield Armory XD-45, and it is the model that does not have a frame-mounted safety (SA makes both). I carry it in a Blackhawk holster which has the best active retention device I have seen yet. When I draw, the index finger releases the pistol from the holster, and leaves the grip in the proper manner of gripping a pistol, with the index finger along the slide. I carry a full magazine of 13 rounds, with one in the tube, the way I was taught to carry for defensive purposes. The pistold has a grip safety similar to the old 1911, plus the Glock-type safety on the trigger, which is metal, not plastic. I feel totally confident in my ability to bring my weapon into action without shooting myself in the hip. Magistrate, I feel sorry for the man who shot himself after being involved in an accident, but he apparently did not practice adequatley with his weapon, if his finger slipped into the trigger guard. If my finger enters the guard, I have a good sight picture on a BG's center of mass. I agree with Tatted that the only safety I trust is my training on how to use my weapon. The XD has a very stiff slide, so I am not going to put myself in danger trying to rack the slide when I need to be sending rounds downrange. I won't criticize another's carry choice, but I am confident with mine. I have to compliment Hollywood for the people in movies and on TV now carrying pistols in a search mode properly, that is, finger NOT in the trigger guard, but along the slide. They are finally catching on that they should show what SHOULD be done, not what dummies do.
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    A man without a gun is a subject; a man with a gun is a citizen.
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    If you are CCing, one in the chamber gives you a clear advantage to cocking and then firing. Also, racking a slide can be noisy and draw attention to you before you are ready to engage. However, if you are perhaps new to CC or are using a new or less familiar weapon, then you might want to consider other options. Another consideration is the gun you are using, does it have a manual safety, can it be chambered then de-cocked, or is it DAO with no manual safety or de-cocker? If it were me, I would ask myself what style I am most confident in concealing and then go with that.

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    If you are foolish enough to Carrying a gun without a bullet in the chamber you might as well not carry.

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