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Thread: One in the chamber? Or not!!

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    I personally always carry with one in the chamber,and safety off.Most personal defense situations happen in a matter of seconds and i figure trying to rack one into the chamber in that situation = me probably dead.Know your weapon intimately and practice.That will bring the confidence you need to feel secure carrying with one in the chamber.Besides,an unloaded gun is only good for a paper weight and you only have one chance to throw it at your attacker.:D

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    If one is uncomfortable carrying a particular gun fully loaded as it was designed to be, then it is unquestionably not the right arm for you. Try a revolver, perhaps. There are always alternatives which work properly for a preferred style of operation, but it is never worth compromising the proper intended operation of any design out of fear.

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    I carry my guns as they were designed to be carried.

    1911 A1 .45 cocked and locked.


    .357 snubby, fully loaded.

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    Full magazine and one in the pipe. Always have and I don't see why I'd change. My choice of carry happens to be DOA so no worry of having to fumble with a safety when the rubber meets the road.

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    Mine are all DBL action so absolutely.
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    To me, there's no point in carrying if you have to rack the slide to defend yourself. I have a DA/SA, so I keep one in the pipe, safety "OFF", and hammer down. First shot will be DA, so I practice as such.
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    chambered and lots of confidence to go with doubts
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    "A gun unloaded and cocked aint good for nuttin!"--Rooster Cogburn

  9. I think it would be better to have a gun with none chambered than no gun at all.
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    Cocked and locked here.

    I was a little nervous to carry chambered at first. After I took my class and was waiting for my permit I wore mine around the house empty chambered. Even with the safety off it never went click. I read up a lot on modern firearms and when my permit came in I felt confident it was safe to carry one in the pipe. Ever since my Kimberís been on my hip cocked, locked, and the mag topped off. I did do a lot of practice drawing and taking the safety off till it became habit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdf2000 View Post
    Thanks for all the answers. Do you ( all three of you) think that confidence carrying with one in the chamber and safety off comes with carrying for a while???
    I did not see that any of these individuals said carry with the safety off. As far as one in the chamber I would not want to be in a gun fight and have to rack one up to be ready. When I first started to carry my 1911 I would not have one in the chamber because I was just not confident enough. Now I carry cocked and locked. No other way to travel. My wheel gun an airweight .38 has all five in the cylinder but it is also a hammerless pistol and I believe it is perfectly safe..

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