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Thread: One in the chamber? Or not!!

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    Ek-chewally, I believe Professor Browning designed his Masterpiece to be carried safely in Condition 1: One up the pipe and the thumb safety off..."Cocked and unlocked". "Cocked & Locked" constitutes Condition 2 and is fine for those who desire that extra level of safety, but the grip safety is there for that very reason - to provide that last element of safety while being carried while allowing the sidearm to be drawn and fired in an instant without any further conscious removal of safeties in the process.
    I could not agree more. The first examples of the 1911, did not have the thumb safety. Only a grip safety. But the Cavalry insisted that the thumb safety be added.
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  3. Yes. No Brainer.

  4. I wouldn't consider not having one in the chamber!

  5. would not carry any other way. I am a 1911 guy I carry with one in the tube and the hammer forward allows rapid deployment very safe carry and no fumbling with the safety strap over galco leather. unsheathe it pull hammer back and by by bad guy!

  6. I carry chambered with my Glock 30SF (.45 ACP). At first I was nervous because of the perception that Glock lacks "true" safeties. But I consistently practice proper gun handling and practice my draw in all my different holsters. One of my favorite holsters is the Smart Carry because of it's deep concealment, although it does make me nervous having one chambered right on top of my "junk".

    I am just curious: How many or who of you in this thread carry one chambered in a Glock? What, if anything, have you been concerned with and how do you carry?

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    One in the tube

    Since I carry mostly Glocks I always have one in the tube. There isn't a safety to switch on and off just put your finger on the trigger. All the safety you need. I also carry in a holster also. Makes it a lot easier. I have carried my 1911 and have had the safety come off so I don't like to carry it.
    I do carry my 92-S on occasion but I don't think a 9mm has enough punch. I have my 4 Glocks on my CCW. 40 S&W, .357 SIG, 45 ACP and 9mm. I usually go for the heavier cals.

  8. of course one in the pipe and safety on. Taurus 24/7

  9. cocked and locked

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    condition 1 Colt 1911 series 80
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  11. 1 in cocked and locked

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