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Thread: One in the chamber? Or not!!

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    My personal opinion is it does little good to carry a weapon if you are not prepared to fire it when the time comes. You should be locked and loaded, safety on if you feel better, but ready to fire. The bad guy is not going to stand around and wait for you to chamber a round!


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    I think the only place people rack one in the chamber on draw is the movies.

  4. In the movies and the Israeli draw.

    Costs upwards of 20% in terms of time of draw.

    Loud. Racking the slide and all that.

    Heard a lot of reasons why but none made any sense to me.

    Condition one would be my choice.

    I carry a Government 1911.

    Carried one concealed for many years

    Always have carried. . . . Cocked, Locked and ready . . . .
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    Carry a Revolver

    I've done some research and decided to put my Glock back in the Safe and now I carry a .357 Ruger SP101 Revplver. On at least a couple of the last Killing Spree's by nut jobs they were unable to accomplish their objective of killing as many innocent people as they could because their Pistols Jammed. If 5 shots well placed won't get you out of trouble you seriously screwed up. My revolver has never failed to fire when I pulled the trigger. And of course every round is already in the chamber.

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    I carry a Springfield XD45 sitting on ready with one in the chamber. I've been asked why I carry that way, and my response has been, "What good is a gun if its not ready to go when I need it. I'd be better off carrying a rock on my side than an unloaded pistol. At least I could throw the rock pretty good."

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    Definitely load one in the chamber. If that is scary, use a pistol with a thumb safety, like a 1911, or has a DA/SA with a de-cocking leaver like a SIG.

  8. One in the chamber? Or not!!

    I had a Smart Carry when the pistol slipped. I did not holster the pistol properly no fault of the holster which conceals very well.
    I have since bought a CrossBreed Super tuck with excellent retention and carry AIWB.
    We have enough people trying to take away our guns and denegrating our 2A rights. I was hoping people in this forum would at least be civil to one another!!

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    I carry 1911ís cocked, locked and ready to rock. That does not mean they are the best for SD/CC, but since Iíve been shooting and packing them for 30 years, the operation is second nature for me.

    If you are in a SD situation, you don't want to be going thru a manuals of arms on any CC gun. The opportunity to short stroke the slide, whereby not chambering a round is real. In any SD you want simple and proven actions. Carry as you practice, practice as you carry.

    You donít mention the weapon (I did not read the entire thread) you are caring, but if it is not safe or you are not comfortable carrying locked and loaded, perhaps the problem is either your skills/knowledge or the weapon itself.

    In the case of skills/knowledge, get some good training; there are a number of good schools or classes you can attend.

    The gun is an easy, buy one you are comfortable with and train with it.

    Good luck,


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    1 addition,

    I haven't noticed this listed here and felt I should bring it up. One critical thing with carrying a firearm (even more critical carrying it "hot") is to make sure you have a quality holster that covers the entire trigger guard.

    Carrying with a "hot" firearm is a safe practice IF it is combined with a holster that covers the trigger guard!

    MO Instructor

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    I always carry my Springfield Armory 1911 A-1 in Condition 1 - a round in the chamber with the safety on. I've owned .45's most of my life and have never experienced an accidental discharge. Most of the time I carry a Ruger SP 101 .357 magnum and never leave a chamber empty.
    "If you seek peace, prepare for war"

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