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    Smallest 9mm

    I am thinking about my next purchase, a BUG. I'd like to stick with 9mm for the availability and price of the ammo. Anyone know who makes a tiny 9mm? Something that would at least fit well in an ankle rig, even better if it's small enough for a pocket/wallet holster.

    BTW, I was considering a .380, but at half the power of 9mm, I can't justify paying roughly the same (sometimes more) as 9mm ammo.

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Kel-Tec PF-9, 12.7 oz empty, 2.8 oz loaded mag, 5.85"L x 4.3"H x .88"W, 3.1" barrel, 7+1

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfhunter View Post
    Kel-Tec PF-9, 12.7 oz empty, 2.8 oz loaded mag, 5.85"L x 4.3"H x .88"W, 3.1" barrel, 7+1
    ^^I carry the PF-9 too. It's the best value in a true pocket sized 9mm there is. But, if you've got the money, there are other choices:
    Rohrbaugh Firearms
    and this one is supposed to go into production 'any time'--and we know what that means:

    I've never owned, nor even fired a Rohrbaugh, but those who have them are true enthusiasts. I think, considering the small difference in size and the huge difference in price that I'll just pick up a second PF-9 so I have a carry pistol with a spare.
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  5. I carry KelTek, in 9mm, and purchased the .40 option for times I'd like a larger round.
    The long heavy pull is a good safety measure.
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  6. Also look into the Kahr line of 9mm. Slightly larger than a keltec maybe but a single stack

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    Ironic but Gun Tests magazine, rated the 3AT higher than it did the LCP. Sounder like they were saying, 'if you buy the LCP, have a file.' They were, however, both recommended 'buys'.

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    I really dig that Rohrbaugh, but WOW no kidding about the price! Thanks for the replies.

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    Kahr PM-9
    Kel-Tec PF-9

    The Kahr is the smallest. I owned a PM-40. It was a great little gun, but too abusive. I might very well own a PM-9 someday. That said, I LOVE my P-3AT. I'm getting some 100 gr bullets to load up for it soon, since factory ammo is non-existant.

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    The Rohrbaugh,

    Nice weapon but worth the crazy price??
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    I have a Kahr PM-9, a Kel-Tec P-3AT and a Ruger LCP (with CT laser). From my point of view, I will take the slightly reduced power of the .380 in exchange for the size difference anytime.

    I can pocket carry the 3AT or the LCP and the 3AT is really comfortable at ankle (I don't have a holster for the LCP with laser for ankle). I have matching pocket (I use Guru, and ankle (fobus) for the PM-9 and the difference is size and weight makes all the difference. It is just a bit too big for pocket (front or back) and it is a bit heavy at ankle.

    Bottom line is if I am going to carry the PM-9 it has to be on or in the belt and if I am going to do that I may as well go with my full size. The only time I carry the PM-9 is in a fanny pack where it allows using a smaller fanny pack, and in a back pack because in the field I would rather have the power of the 9 against non-human animals and the weight tradeoff is worth it against the full size. Again, however, if I can open carry in the field I go with a full size on the hip.

    But for deep concealment, or warm weather (all the time here), I find the .380's are the way to go because like everyone else I can't justify the price of the Rohrbaugh.

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