Glock27 or Kahr PM40
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Thread: Glock27 or Kahr PM40

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    Glock27 or Kahr PM40

    Thinking about buying another handgun and looking to get another 40. The 2 I am leaning toward are the Glock 27 and the Kahr PM40. Gun will be a part time carry as I have the Ruger LCP 380 and Karh PM9 I carry most of the time. Any toughts or comments would be great

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    I would have to shoot both of them then decide ,though i like the glock over the kahr just cause i own a glock
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  4. I'm having the same debate myself with the 9mm. I'm around a lotta dirt & mud all day, and the fella at the gun store sugested going with the Glock as it was more tolerant of crud in the works. I thought it was a good idea, but I sure like the PM9. How do you like yours?

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    Pm 9

    I love the Pm 9 have only shot about 300 rounds through it but so far no problems.

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    Glock the all around best of the 2................I am a Glock fan tho, and carry a G19 every day, and own several more........ Shoot them and go with the one you like, and fits you best tho...............
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    Well I brought my newest baby home a few minutes ago and look forward to she and I spending a little time at the range this week. Went with the Glock and not sure why other than the price.Still may buy the Karh later if funds allow
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    I love my Glock 27, go with the Glock. I have nothing bad to say about the pm40 just prefer the Glock.
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    Does anyone have any suggestons as to what ammo performs the beast in the Glock 27? What would you consider the best home defence round for the Glock. The Tarus PT140 seem to like the 155grain gold dot +p better than 185grain.

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    Opinions will vary...

    Loads in my G27... Cor-Bon 135gr. JHP's...

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    on price alone i would go with the glock. i got my 27 for 450 brand new, love it use 180gr they are less snappy.

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