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  1. Did you end up picking up this glock?

    Hope you got it, I always try to help out a buddy get rid of a gun to add to my collection if he needs the cash rather than give my money to some online retailer.
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    I did buy it and took it shooting today and it was great.......I am looking forward to carrying it and perhaps purchasing more soon....

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    Well, I actually found a better deal on a new Glock 19, just five dollars more than the used one. So if anyone is interested I'm sure he is still looking to sell...Send me a PM if you're interested.

  5. Feldon,
    I think you got a good deal. I have 2 Glocks in 40 cal and love them. Even though yours was technically used, you know the source and how it was treated. My last Glock purchase was a 23 and I paid $509 before taxes. With a 7.5% tax rate it was around $550. You have a keeper!

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