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    Congrats on the new gun. That's one thing that my collection lacks also. At some point I'll get one. Have fun with it and tell the wife nice shooting!
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  3. I was looking at that same gun. Very nice gun but I ended up with the Ruger SP101.
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    Congrats on the new gun. You may have to get another. Every collection should a a few revolvers. I have a Colt Python that I have had sense my days with the Sheriff Dept. and a "Snub nose" Lew Horton Special S&W 44 mag along with my wife's 38.
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    Hope you enjoy your Taurus, I have the tracker model 627 7shot .357. I really enjoy it and it shoots great. The grips are very comfortable and give me good control.
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    nice looking revolver! I just might have to get one myself before too long.. I do prefer semi autos but a good collection might not be complete without a wheel gun.
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