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    XD 45 Range report

    I put 300 rounds through my new service size XD 45 this weekend. It functioned flawlessly! First I went to the range Friday night and put 100 rounds through it. It was very accurate and with it being a larger firearm the felt recoil seemed much less then my ultra CDP. I even loaded up three 13 round mags, mag dumped, reload, and repeated twice without any issues. The trigger is not a Kimber trigger but was still smooth and crisp. Just more pre-travel and longer reset. I was very happy with it so I used it in a 200 round defensive shooting class the following day. Having twice as many rounds as the Kimber was a hugh plus when engaging multiple targets. The pistol performed great through all the drills and I was very happy with my shooting. Those paper BG didn't stand a chance. lol. I'm still going to use the CDP as my carry gun but the XD is going to be a great training/night stand gun.

    13+1 of .45ACP
    Very manageable recoil

    It'd be nice if it came from the factory with a little less pre-travel and shorter reset. But then again I got a little spoiled shooting the Kimber.

    Changes I'll make:
    Night sites or the XS big dot sights.
    Springer trigger kit.
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    Good report, Thanks...
    Glad you two had a good week end.
    Semper Fi

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