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    Para Hawg

    Hey Guys,

    While I was at the range this weekend there was a guy next to me shooting one of these. I am not sure on which exact model it was, but it was a Para hawg. We got to talking about it (I can't remember the model however, my apologies) and he had mentioned that it was a very smooth shooting firearm. Being a large person (6'4 big hands) I was curious how it would be shooting one these. He let me shoot it, and I must say I was so impressed. Very smooth, easy to hold, easy to shoot. Extremely accurate. Reason for this post, is I am sure there alot of guys with large hands on here, so I figured I would write this just in case you guys were interested in something smaller. Was not uncomfortable at all, very fun to shoot. Just thought I'd let you guys know.

    Also, the gun is veryyyy sexy looking haha
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    The Para-Ord Warthawg is a fine firearm. I have the Para-Ord P10 45 and love to shoot it but being all Stainless Steel it's too heavy for CC. If I ever find a Warthawg I'm going to buy it.
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    The Warthog is the original, chambered in .45, it holds 10+1. All the variants were spelled "-hawg", they come in both .45 and 9mm, with both double and single stack magazines.The NiteHawg is a Warthog with all components black finished. The SuperHawgs are long barrelled .45s. Para-Ordnance, High-Quality Handguns: Warthog Pistols

    My Warthog is my EDC.

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    Sweet looking firearms.
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    BTW, I wear a size 10 glove, and that's my hand and Warthog in my avatar.

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    The Warthog Is >>>>>>>>

    The firearm I was searching for when I lucked up into my Kimber Ultra Carry II. I don't see you going wrong with a Warthog! I handled a couple of them @ the last gun show but did not have the cash to get either one.
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