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It all depends on how well the shooter can operate a particular pistol. My primary carry pistol, a Sig P229R in .40 S&W, is DA/SA and I can shoot it well in either mode under stress. Granted this is the stress of timers and targets that don't shoot back but all the bullets are going to the same place. If a person has any problems with the different trigger pulls transitioning from DA to SA, they should get a Single action only or Double action only.
We spent the afternoon at the range with a Springfield 1911, a Sig P220, a Ruger GP100 and a Ruger SP101. All of them were great shooting guns. The Sig is on my want list now. I had no trouble with the SA/DA action. I was able to double tap 2" groups at 25'. The first round being DA and the second SA. My PT92 has the same action so I am sort of used to it. I was able to shoot a tighter grouping with the 1911, but felt more comfortable with the decocked P220 in a quick draw simulation.