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Thread: trouble uploading pictures

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    trouble uploading pictures

    alright this is frustrating my husband took me to the range for birthday (my first time shooting) and I wanted to show off my targets but for some reason when i tried to upload them it wouldn't let me :mad:

  3. You need to upload the photographs to a hosting site try this.

    Go to Image Hosting - - share images slideshow generator and screen capture tool and upload the photograph to their host (its free and no signup required I use it all the time), next on the page they display theres an address for the image after it uploads, copy that link and come on here, click the icon to add pictures and it asks for the URL paste it into there.
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    thanks a bunch i'll try that

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Several have had trouble uploading pictures directly in a thread posting. Luke is working on this issue and advised me to upload the pictures to the album section of our profiles. This method worked for me.

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    You can right click an image, and select 'Copy Image Address' then paste the link in your post. But make sure you have the [IMG] code with it.

    Example: [IMG] link address to your picture [/IMG]
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