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    Quote Originally Posted by Daugherty16 View Post
    Capgun - the way these are flying off the shelves,i'd say they are well received and well liked. I'm no gunsmith, but I'll bet it's not too serious or difficult for the factory to correct.

    Darrel - you really like their 1911? Which version do you have? I've been waffling on buying one for over a year - no collection is complete without a 1911, and Taurus claims they put lots and lots of features/hand fitting into theirs. I've heard of problems with the safety, slide being too stiff, but nothing major or devastating, and a number of folks say it shoots pretty straight - some claiim it will outshoot their Kimbers and Commanders. Is yours one of those "I LOVE this gun!" endorsements, or not quite so much? Just curious. Thanks in advance.
    Last night I just bought the Taurus PT1911SS, .45ACP, 5" barrel and two 8 round magazines, their stainless steel model. I went out and put 50 rounds through it and not a single problem. It is my first 1911, my first .45 and the first time I shot a .45 and I loved it!!! The recoil is more of a push compared to a kick from my 9mm Springfield XD-9, I can really hold it relaxed and still have a good control of it, compared to my 9mm where I have to hang on to it to make sure it doesn’t jump too much, and I love my XD-9. So far I am really happy with it, if this continues, it would be great! I got mine brand new, payed $645+tax in town, another dealer has it for $699, not sure how that compares to the rest of the country, but I'm happy!
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    I have a PT145 PRO 45ACP with a 10 shot mag. and I really like it it shoots great the only hard thing is getting 10 rounds in that small of a mag. they furnish a loader which works well but its slow.It came with 2 mags and I bought 1 more so I have 31 shots before I need to reload so its all good. This is the 3rd Taurus I have owned and have had good performace out of all of them.

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    My only taurus at the moment is an older revolver, bought used, a little holster wear but bright bore and tight cylinder lockup, etc. in .357. Still thinking about the PT1911. Personally i prefer the PT92 function, with decocker safety. But nothing beats a 1911 for looks, style, and soft shooting. And as the saying goes, lots of rounds expand, but a .45 is always a .45.

    Appreciate the feedback on the 1911 guys. You've helped me make the decision. This weekend, perhaps.
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    I bought a Taurus 1911 last week b/c I had had my eye on a .45 ACP 1911 model for a while; it shoots great, by the way. Oh, and it complements my PT140 Pro (Taurus Millenium Pro .40 cal compact) just fine.
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    i carry the millennium pro pt145 and absolutely love it sometimes i even forget its there!!
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    I have the PT 1911 and love it. Great shooting gun and not a problem in 3 years. My favorite .45.
    When I took the CCW class many of the young guys kind of snickered at the 1911 until the qualifing
    was complete. I had a slight grin then! :)

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    Smile Tarusu Brand

    I have the PT 1911 and love it. Great shooting gun and not a problem in 3 years. My favorite .45.
    When I took the CCW class many of the young guys kind of snickered at the 1911 until the qualifing
    was complete. I had a slight grin then!

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    I have a PT-58 (.380) and their Beretta 9mm clone (can't remember the model number, too lazy to get up and go look, lol).

    Both have been nice, though they're too heavy to carry for my tastes. No issues, and they get regular cleaning/maintenance as needed.

    My brother has a .357 revolver, and it's been great for him.

    A new Taurus revolver is also on my list, but I'll have to Judge when it's appropriate to make the purchase.

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    I have a high and low opinion of Taurus, They have gotten very good at making knock offs, there knock of the the m9 out performs the real one. there 24/7s arent bad either crap for a trigger but nicely made. the only item i will not buy of theres is there 1911, very badly put together, parts are not sized properly. the frame is way to light even for alluminum .I absoltly love the revolvers very very nice i like mine taurus 85 better than the S&W 85.

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    my hubby has two Taurus 38's, he sends the target down to the end of the range and get head and heart shot every time.

    So if the pistol is anything like the 38, thatshould be a honey of a gun.

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