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    My first Taurus was a stainless PT140 Millenium, 1st generation, before the 'Pro'. I bought it specifically for concealment due to its very light weight and compact size - and, of course, cost. It took 200-300 rds. to get it really broken in but was reliable and functional after that. I later traded it for something else.

    ...Later on I missed it and got another but now the PT140 'Pro'. No break-in was needed with this one, from the get-go on the 1st shot to the well over the 2k it's fired, it's been 100%, zero malfunctions. It does get cleaned pretty regularly. It's been dropped 3x now and hasn't affected the fixed sights. It's very easy to strip and I like the big dot sights. I've read where some people think it's kind of a lot to hold on to when firing and has some snap. I expect that merely from its size and weight. I maintain a solid firm grip do fine.

    My complaint is the long, not-so-smooth trigger pull and the long trigger reset. I might consider a trigger job and see if it can be smoothed out a little maybe...sometime. Just got a new primary carry so this Taurus will be a BUG or a deep concealment gun if ever need be.

    Got my wife a Taurus 851 CIA 2" .38Spl. I've never been one for wheelguns but I've taken a liking to it and want one or similar for a BUG. Very pocketable and I didn't think you could go very wrong with a Taurus revolver.

    Reviews on the PT1911 and the PT24/7 are great. Those are, IMO, a little better crafted than the Millenium series. As I make of it, Taurus' autos may have been shaky earlier on but have greatly improved. I'd buy more.

  3. Shingman,

    Have you checked out the Taurus discussion forum?
    Taurus Armed.net - Index
    Can probably get some good info there.

  4. Pt1911ar

    I have a PT1911AR and love it. 200 rounds thru her and she has performed flawlessly.

    YouTube - Taurus 1911
    YouTube - My Taurus PT1911AR
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    The only gun I've gotten rid of was my Taurus 24/7 Pro .45 ACP.

    It just felt cheap and I didn't know anyone that would have carried it into a hot, dusty, sandy, muddy battlefield.

    While that in of it's self is not a qualified opinion, of sorts, it's just the attitude I had towards my Taurus. When you've got H&K, Sig, Colt, Glock and some higher end 1911's it just sorta sat their like a third string quarter back in the minor leagues.

    Just my opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ropadope View Post
    When you've got H&K, Sig, Colt, Glock and some higher end 1911's it just sorta sat their like a third string quarter back in the minor leagues.

    Just my opinion.
    Wow, that's surprising and unfortunate about your 24/7. I'd read tons of great reviews on those. While I still like the brand, I'll admit that my 140Pro doesn't shoot like a Sig or Beretta. It's performed flawlessly for me but it's just not quite as....um..er...smooth operating? Like I said, my only complaint about it is the not-so-smooth trigger pull, but I really can't say anything else bad about it.

    If you've got the means to buy $600+ pistols, sure, don't bother picking up a Taurus. If you're on a tighter budget, like I often am, I think they make good, AFFORDABLE guns. With Taurus, you'll at least get what you paid for or more.

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    New Taurus Owner

    I too have read in several different places about Taurus' issues they had with their Semi Auto's several years ago. I have also read that they have made many improvements to their manufacturing and quality control and have since gotten much better reviews/feedback. I was looking for an inexpensive pistol for CCW and went to look at them mostly due to their price range. We had recently bought a Stoeger Cougar ( same as Berettas) and we absolutely love it but I found it a little bulky to carry and wanted something a bit smaller but I really didn't like the Kel Tec or the little tiny Ruger as I like something that fits better in the hand. I looked at Taurus' new slim pistol and I liked it but I wanted a .40 cal and it was a 9mm so I moved on to the Mil Pro's and 24/7 compacts. I found them to be similar in size and weight so it was down to comfort of the grip and sights (one had 2 dot Heinie and one had 3 dot). The "ribber" grip on the 24/7 compact was so comfortable in the hand that it was the major selling point in my decision to go with that gun over the Mil Pro. It also has a light rail which I don't need but it is nice to have if down the road I want to get a laser or flashlight attachment (I know - typical woman - thinking about accessorizing lol). I have shot about 50 rounds out of it and it has shot well so far - no problems at all - just need to get used to it as it shoots very differently from our Cougar. Every time I shoot it it seems to improve a little so once it is broken in I think it will be a really nice shooting gun. While someday I would love to have a 1911 frame pistol (Kimber, Sig, Springfield etc) I would certainly not be at all opposed to buying another Taurus nor would I hesitate to recommend one to a friend. The same advice goes for purchasing a pistol as a bow - try as many as you can in your price range and choose what feels most comfortable to you!

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    being new to 1911's i do not have much experience with one of the other higher prices variants but i can tell you i absolutely love my Taurus PT1911. I took it to front sight and ran it though it's paces in the four day defensive hangun course. Never had an unintentional FTF or FTE. I put about 1000 rounds through it before going down to front sight and about 650 while i was there. I did find all of the rough spots that it had during that time though. i have had several Taurus revolvers and love them and would never get rid of them. The only Taurus i ever sold off was my PT92c. Used the money to by a 9mm EAA witness and love it and still have it.

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    i have a pt111 fired over a 1000 rounds never had a misfire or jam.
    Ronnie g

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    I have since traded my 24/7 for a Charles Daly 1911. While the 24/7 was super comfortable to carry and fit my hand perfectly I just could not get used to the extreme muzzle flip/kick. My husbands .40 Cougar has very little muzzle lift by comparison. Granted I could shoot very accurately with the 24/7 I found myself starting to flinch badly anticipating the kick. It was an excellent gun for the money but CD makes an excellent product and their CS is second to none. Now that I've shot a 1911 I doubt I will ever go back!

  11. I have a Taurus Judge and so far no problems at all. Shoots great.

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