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  1. First time carry

    I've had my CC permit for just a few months and haven't found the right one to carry yet. I keep one in the car when I travel. So this evening I went running around and stuck a little New England Firearms 22LR revolver in my pocket; just to get the "feel".

    Talk about being self-concious. How can you be doing something so legal, but feel like you're doing wrong at the same time?

    Any one else have first time carry stories?

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    I think everyone gets nervous at first. It will become natural after a little while. Just remember it's your God given right to protect yourself and family. Don't let the anti's force guilt on you, when you are totally in the right.
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    I Keeping have nightmare's of carring for the first time and being shot dead by the police. Or being pulled over with it on my hip and the cop shoots me dead. How do you feel about carrying when in a car? I feel i would feel safer with it locked up in the back? So the cops don't shoot me? I have had my permit for months and have not carried yet lol.


  5. I my car, no worries. Usually in a holster under the seat or under a jacket in the front seat--loaded of course.

    I figure the self concious thing will end after a while. I own two other revolvers right now: S&W 44 mag 4" which is my "vacation" gun; and now an old Colt US Army Special 38 that is going to be my everday carry gun.

    Pushing the wife that I need a .357 Snubby.

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    When I first carried I felt like everyone could tell I had a gun on. After a while you get used to it. Now days I would feel almost naked without a gun or two.
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    Everyone goes through it. I well remember that first time out, I went to the grocery and I just knew EVERYONE was staring and saying... he's got a gun (and it was my .380 IN MY POCKET). I kept waiting for the law to arrive and question me (or shoot me dead in S&W's paranoia) after someone called it in. Of course it never happened, no one ever notices, and unless you are carrying a big gun badly, no one ever will.

    Now my biggest problem is forgetting I am carrying especially going into airports. I have gotten part of the way to the terminal to pick someone up twice, when I realized I better go back and put the gun in the car (guns are not allowed anywhere in the terminal in Florida, except packed to fly).

    You will get over it fast, so don't worry about it.

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    I'm still new as well having started carrying only this February gone by. The first time I went out was to CostCo and Wal-Mart. I felt as though a huge stamp was on my forehead saying "WEAPON". I must have caught myself walking at double my normal pace a dozen or more times; having to tell myself to slow down each instance. Even though I kept my eyes scanning everyone (condition yellow, ha try paranoia fueled condition orange) no one seemed to notice my nervous state. None of that did anything to ease the discomfort radiating off my right hip where my weapon; which I swear had magically gained 10 pounds since leaving home, was hanging and causing my whole body to lean to the right like a sinking ship. Of course it was all in my head but you couldn't have told me different at the time. The second trip I made was with my daughter and I kept asking her if the weapon was printing and other nagging questions. She finally got tired and said "Look dad give me the darn weapon to carry if you have to but stop asking me over and over. You're driving me nuts!" Since then I have felt more confident and have settled into condition yellow when out and about.

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    Although I didn't feel like I was doing anything wrong I did have the feeling that everyone knew I was carrying. These feelings pass very quickly and it becomes second nature.

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    krm, if you lived in Central Florida and wanted to feel more comfortable about carrying all you have to do is go into a pharmacy. There's been 27, or is that 29 pharmacy robberies so far this year. 2 BG's have been shot dead. I feel totally uncomfortable NOT carrying in a pharmacy anymore.

    It is common to feel like everyone is "making you". You feel like you are walking around with your pants unzipped; it'll pass. But you will be more conscious of what you wear once you begin carrying. I bought 4 more pair of cargo shorts at K-Mart yesterday because the pockets have large openings and I can easily slide my Taurus PT-145 in a Nemesis pocket holster in and out of them easily. I tried them on in the dressing room before making my purchase, making sure the gun/holster fit and observing how I looked in the mirror. As for being made, I have a good friend that works at COSTCO. He asks me each time he sees me there if I'm carrying. That's becasue he can't tell. If someone knows you are carrying and can't see it, that's a good sign.
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    Why don't you guys read the open carry posts. When you open carry nobody notices or cares. SO STOP WORRYING. You'll get use to it.

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