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    New To USA Carry


    Iím new to USA Carry, (my first day) so I just wanted to post a hello and to tell you a little about myself. My wife and I are retired and relocated to the upstate of South Carolina 3 years ago from Erie PA. With the down turn in the economy there seemed to be a rise in home invasions and strong arm robberies in this area. Last year I took my eight hours of training so I could receive my South Carolina CWP. My full time carry is now a 40 caliber Glock 27. I also use my 40 caliber Glock 23 to shoot IDPA. Iíll spend some time reading and getting to know the USA Carry Forum before doing much posting. Just want to be sure of what Iím doing.

  3. Welcome. I have picked up A LOT of information here, I am sure you will too.

    Good Luck with your retirement.

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    Welcome Old Salt! You have come to the right place!

  5. welcome

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Welcome aboard, Old Salt. Love your avatar.

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    Welcome from the Upstate, old salt. What part of SC are you in?
    USAF Retired, CATM, SC CWP, NH NR CWP, NRA Benefactor
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    Welcome Old Salt, Semper Fi, Sir
    Semper Fi

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    Welcome aboard! I'm new here as well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Hat View Post
    Welcome from the Upstate, old salt. What part of SC are you in?

    Simpsonville SC just 10 miles South on 385 from Greenville

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    Hello, and Welcome from the SC shore.............................
    Glock Carrier in SC.


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