Looking at the first 1911
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Thread: Looking at the first 1911

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    Looking at the first 1911

    I have no experience with the 1911 except 40 years ago when I was on active duty with the Marines. I was told if I was considering a 1911 I should look at Rock Island Arms. Full size for around $450.00, rather than spending $800 to $1,000 just to find out I did not like the 1911. Anyone have any experience with this weapon?

    Thank you
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    I have no first hand experience, but a buddy of mine says they're great, and are fully customizable, like the Colt 1911's - that they will accept most (if not all) of the after market items available for Colts.
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    Another good site for you to investigate would be M1911.org. They have forums for most manufacturers of 1911 style pistols and a lot of good info specific to them. I own a 1911 of another brand, and have already become addicted to this most classic of pistols.

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    you'll love the 1911, I'VE always had at least one in the armory. Plus there is an abundance of after market parts you can get for them to upgrade and make it custom. Not that most actually need any work but it's fun to add or change things to personalize it. Thats part of the fun of owning one.

    I had two springfield armory 1911's and both were problematic, I sent them both to springfield and they could never fix the issues ( feeding and extracting ) However I do know a few people that love their springers. I have the xd 45 and like it. Taurus is making a nice 1911 with all the bellls and whistles on it for a damn good price.

    clicky da linky:Taurus 1911 .45 ACP Review

    Smith & Wesson makes one with an external extractor that works well so I have read anyway.
    Kimbers are nice to but tend to be expensive.
    I'd try to get as many options already on it because you're probably gonna want to trick it out a little bit anyway.

    As far as performance, I have owned several 1911's and ALL have been tack drivers, the only issue is reliabilty of the brand.

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    I just bought the Taurus PT1911 SS and I love it! You can pick up the blued version for under $600 and it does have a lot of nice things on it! It is my first 1911 and I'm sure won't be the last!
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    When it comes to 1911's there is Kimber, and then there is anything else. They are expensive, but beautiul, and you get what you pay for. If its not a GLOCK then its the second best thing.
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    The government-model size is an Armscor--Rock Island Arms is the label they mainly sell under here. There's also a Kimber Ultra CDP II and a Colt Commander in the picture. 1911 is hands down the best handgun design of all time. All others are just appliances:

    I think the Armscor is a fine pistol and an excellent value.
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    ive had 3 so far 1 colt, and 2 kimbers and loved them all. now i have on order a full size sig sauer 1911 which by the way if you retired from the Marine's they extend a healthy discount to all active duty , retired military and first responders. you can order it directly from them and they ship it to your ffl.
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    I wouldn't recommend a 1911 for a first pistol to someone. But it is an American classic that everyone should at least shoot once.
    They are a bit complicated compared to a more modern pistol, especially if you have to get into the safety or take off the hammer to replace a part. But like previously mentioned, they have many after market parts available, and are overall bada$$ guns.
    Although $600 sounds like a new Glock to me.
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    my 1st was a RI.I still carry it with a muzzle brake and extended 10 round mag. all I need now is a shoulder stock.
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