Sigma .40 Allied Forces
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Thread: Sigma .40 Allied Forces

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    Sigma .40 Allied Forces

    Anyone had any experience with the Sigma .40 Allied Forces Model?
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    I'm not sure about a "special forces" model, but the normal Sigma sucks. Worst gun purchase I've ever made. Traded it in after a couple of weeks. Lousy 12 pound plus trigger.
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    Love my Sigma 9 but looking for info on the ALLIED FORCES .40.
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    It appears that the "Allied Forces" model is the same gun, but with a black slide. "Allied Forces" seems to refer to the fact that the Afghanistan National Army, National Police and the Border Patrol placed initial and follow-up orders for more than 22,000 of the 9mm-chambered pistols.
    "When the outflow exceeds the inflow, the upkeep becomes the downfall"

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    Yeah, that looks right. However, I saw one owner review which mentioned that they seemed to have reworked the trigger at the factory. Also curous whether they upped the spec on any parts. While my regular Sigma works great, my son would like to claim it as "his" and my wife is hinting strongly that she wants one of my regular carry guns as she steps up to .40 from 9mm. My hope is that she might like the Sigma AF version for herself. Of course, my gun case can always use some cost-effective loaners if it proves to be as good or better than the current Sigma.
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    The Allied forces sigma is the same as the regular sigma except the black slide. Just bought one about a week ago and love it. Fired a few rounds through it and absolutely love it.

  8. I agreee with darrellM5. I purchased mine brand new and it is a piece of junk. The heavy trigger pull made my finger hurt. I should sell it but I have that NEVER sell a gun syndrom so I just put it in the safe for my son to worry about some day.

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    sigma trigger

    There is nothing wrong with Sigmas, with the exception of the trigger. If people sold them only because of the trigger, you could have saved yourself a loss in the resale by purchasing a lighter weight striker spring from Wolf Spring Co. I have replaced such spring on my Sigma and now have a firearm with a smooth trigger pull that delivers great accuracy.
    Oh, I suppose the other short coming is the low price. Some have the theory that if a firearm doesn't cost a least $800. it should not be seen in public.

  10. sigma trigger

    Thaky you c45man.. I have ordered a wolf spring. It should arrive today or tomorrow I will be hitting the range with it soon.
    Thanks again,

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    My girlfriend bought me one a few days ago and i love it. The trigger pull is a bit strange at first but I was use to it after about three rounds. I carry a Glock 17 on duty and I am better with the sigma. It feels better in my hand, not to heavy, not to large, and I find it's stock sights easier to use than the stock sights on my Glock. And it has a stainless barrel. But I can't find a duty holster for it. And my girlfriend shot it and it did not jam. Every time she shoots my glock she gets a stove pipe, becuase she light hands it. I just can't get it to jam. One thing I don't like about it is the magazine release, it seems very hard to get it to lock a fully loaded mag. You can't just slip it in you have to force it or give it a tap.

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