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  1. Taurus

    I had a Taurus revolver explode in my hand some years ago. It was a Tracker 357 with a 7 shot cylinder.
    I think they use crappy castings. Beware!

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    Problem Solved

    I have 3 Tauruses, a PT-145, a 24/7 Compact 9mm, and a 24/7 OSS 9mm. All 3 suffered from light hits on the primers. I could continue squeezing the trigger until it practically punched a hole through the primer. This was very frustrating. Then I had a brilliant idea. I thought maybe the firing striker was sluggish and not striking the primer with any authority. I decided to flush out the Firing pin and channel with degreaser spray followed by a blast of air followed by silicone spray followed by another blast of air. Several thousand rounds later and still no more misfires. I think the pin had just enough crud around it to cause it to lightly hit the primer and each subsequent hit dented the primer further but still did not hit it hard enough to fire it. I came too the dirty firing pin conclusion after taking cartridges with beat to death primers, putting them in my TZ-75 and having them fire normally like nothing was wrong.

    Before you send guns back top Taurus, at least give this a try

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    I own a pt 140 have about 4k+ rounds through it had to strike a few atlantic arms ammo rounds a few times but they all fired no other ammo gave me this prob. Have owned for 4 years now

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    Ive owned a pt 140 pro and it felt solid and always went bang. i say thier decent guns for the price, it just sucks that u got one with a problem. remember every gun manufacture has had issues with thier firearms.

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    For a Taurus, I would say that yes, this is normal. And of course, Taurus denies this as being a problem. I had to get rid of my new PT145 before it even reached 1000 rounds because of their horrible customer service and quality control. I will never buy another Taurus again.
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    Here is my opinion of Taurus;

    I agree with GF that they make an excellent revolver and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase one.

    Their semi-autos leave a lot to be desired. There is one exception to this rule. Their PT92 Beretta clones. These are excellent pistols and in some cases out perform the Beretta 92's. I owned a Taurus PT92 and I am sorry I ever sold it! If you are going to purchase a Taurus sem-auto, go with their PT92's!

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