Hard to carry...fun to shoot
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Thread: Hard to carry...fun to shoot

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    Hard to carry...fun to shoot

    Picked up this little beauty this afternoon while I was at the shop picking up my new Fusion 1911 frame I'm using in a custom build. This gun was a consignment and priced waaaay too cheap to pass up.

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    Very sweet! I've always been a HUGE fan of Colt revolvers. You lucky dog!
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  4. King Cobra

    I have fond remembrances of the first gun i bought after I got my dealers license in 1993....a king Cobra for my boys birthday. It was on sale in one of the numerous wholesale catalogs I got every week for $249.95. At that time a dealers license was $30 for three years, a tax stamp from your county was $10 a year, and I got my license in about 3 weeks. At that time there were 650000 licenses out there andd many gun shops were going out of business. Those were the days...

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    A couple more pics

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    Nice, I had one of those back in '94 they handle .357 and .38 +P if I remember correctly. Grip was nice and comfortable and a blast to shoot!! Good luck.
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    Very Nice!!! Congrat.
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    A nice verticle shoulder holster "Harry". Looks like it is in really good shape. Congrats.

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