Need Feedback - Considering A .45 Glock
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Thread: Need Feedback - Considering A .45 Glock

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    Question Need Feedback - Considering A .45 Glock

    I currently own a .40 S&W Taurus 24/7 Pro DS, it's back at Taurus after firing 60 rounds (not "hot" rounds nor reloads, just "stock" rounds) because of this: Thread

    When it returns I plan on trading it (plus money) for a .40 Glock, I'm looking at the G23.

    The only Glock I've ever fired was a 9 MM, not sure if it was the G17 or G19. Neither my girlfirend nor I had any problems with the gun.

    But I'm also curious about the .45 Glocks. Mine and my girlfriends hands are medium in size and we both do well with the .40 S&W round, at least in the Taurus.

    Due to our hand size I was considering a step "up" to possibly a G38 or possibly a G39. The reason I'm considering these it because the gun would be my cooler/cold weather carry gun. That's why I will rule out the G37.

    How much difference in recoil is there between the .40 S&W and the .45 G.A.P. in a G38? The G39 is an even smaller pistol, is it's recoil much more than the G38?

    It's been since my high school sophmore days since I last fired a .45 and it was a .45 ACP 1911 pistol when I was in military school. I would imagine it would feel a bit different now since I'm 56 and weigh about 230. I'm not sure I would want to do a "cocked and locked" carry though, that's one of the reasons I'm considering the Glocks.

    Anybody fire any of these weapons that could give me some feedback to the recoil comparisons between the .40 S&W and the G38 and G39?



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    I have fired both, and carry a Glock 23 in the .40 S&W. The best way I can describe it is when you shoot the 40 its like a snap whereas the 45 is like a push. I am 5'11" and 220 and have no trouble controlling the muzzle flip in the 23, and can shoot rapidly more than accurately. IMHO if you already shoot the 40 well and like it go with the Glock 23, its the perfect carry weapon. The level of reliability accuracy and concealability is the perfect combination for CCing, again in my opinion. Also some of the 45 Glocks are actually THICKER and can cause the reason for a person to choose a thinner gun. Glock 23's with 165grain Speer Gold Dot HP are what the police department carry here in Norfolk. Its a tried and true gun with a tried and true round. Some people are more prone to stick with the 45 mantra, but I think if you can shoot the 40 well, why change it. Go to the range and rent and shoot both. Get the one you can hit with. I am VERY partial to the Glock 23, but any glock is a great choice. Hope this helps, let me know what you decide.
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    I have not shot a glock so I can only share my XD experience.

    About two years ago after handling it at a shop, reading every review I could lay my hands on and shooting a friends I took the leap and got my very first tupperware gun.

    Since than my opinions about tupperware have done a complete 180. Being old I never ever thought I'd be shooting tupperware much less praising it but now I can not imagine a better EDC for me. The 10 round compact magazine holds more than a full size 1911. Plus one in the pipe and thirteen in the spare mag makes for twenty four out the door. That is a lot of 230 gr. Federal HST flower power to send the BG.

    What continues to amaze me is this is a compact .45 and it is just a blast to shoot. I swear I am a better shot because of it.
    Not once since I have had it, have I left the range because I was beat up from shooting it. Now the XD isn't a beauty queen and you can get lots of prettier guns than an XD. There are even some that are more accurate. But there are none that are more reliable or better suited for EDC than an XD.45. IMO the XD.45 compact is the best Self Defense Every Day Carry gun there is. With well over 8,000 rounds through it as of 4/11/09 without a single FTF. I know it is Rock Solid Reliable. Hits everything I point it at. Eats everything I feed it. Simple to clean & maintain. The grip and trigger safeties are natural and intuitive. No manual safety to confuse matters or cause a delay when nano seconds count, make it ideal for self defense. My XD is infinitely concealable and a breeze to carry all day long. make it ideal for EDC. These are all the same reasons that Clint Smith carries an XD. If it is good enough for him it is good enough for me. Now if I could only shoot as well as he does

    Add TruGlo fiber optic night sights and a LaserLyte , maybe a Springer Precision trigger job and you are good to go for anything be it a walk across a Wally World parking lot or the next wave of Zombies. Add Springfield-Armory's life time warranty and Springfield-Armory's acclaimed customer service and you have the best EDC you can buy bar none IMO.

    Here are some links to XD article if you have not seen them.
    XD Torture test
    The XD Goes ACP
    Springfield's XD Keeps On Growing
    Springfield's XD .45
    Sizing Down, Powering Up

    Now having said all of that I know that there are folks who will say similar things about the glock and I trust every bit as true. So the honest answer is shoot both get the one that shots best for you. If you are a 1911 guy you will like the XD if not than you may be a glock guy. Between a .40 or a .45 again the answer is pick the one your shoot best. Only you can answer that question.

    One thing that has nothing to do with the guns function. It may or may not matter to you is that Springfield is an American company XD's are not being used to kill American soldiers like Glocks are. Glock supplies Iran with arms knowing that those arms are going to terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan that in turn have been used to kill Our Soldiers Our Children
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    I carry a G19 every day, and have a few more GLOCKs, being old has given me a chance to shoot, and own many hand gun's, and I can say that GLOCK is the most reliable one of the bunch, So in my thoughts
    you can't go wrong with a GLOCK,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,As far as recoil, due to my age I carry a 9mm... the recoil of the 40 isn't much more than the 45 to me, I own a G22 40 cal. and a G21 45 cal,
    Glock Carrier in SC.


  6. have both the 21 and the 30, both are "SF" models. I just really liked the feel of the SF in my hand, Not much different in size, but just felt better.

    Don't think that the SF frame is for little guys. I'm 6'0, weigh 250 pounds and can bench press 600 pounds - so my hands are not small. the sf's seemed to fit like a glove.

    Minimally. Put them in your hand, and if possible, fire a few rounds.

  7. Glock 23 in 40 cal. is what I carry. very little recoil..45 1911 is great gun but if you do not feel comfortable carrying cocked and locked then buy the double action. Al Glocks are manageable..The Glock 27 in 40 is about the same as the 23 in recoil.. I actually shoot better with 27.

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    I would stick with a .45 ACP round, but that is my preference. Once the panic buying dies down and stock starts to increase, .45 ACP is going to be more widely available than .45 GAP.

    I carry a Glock 23 most of the time. It makes a great carry gun. They are shaped like a brick, so it prints more than my 1911.

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    Wink Glocks

    Why on earth would you want a Glock? There are so many, much nicer, less expensive pistols out there. I have (and LOVE) a Springfield V-10 in .45 - wonderful gun, feels lovely in the hand and it's a glutton - meaning it will 'eat' anything I feed it. Shoots like a dream, too. Hubby recently bought a compact Colt Commander .45 - it looks exactly like my Springfield (inside, too) and he says the trigger is even nicer than mine. Both of these pistols cost a LOT less than the Glock, feel better in the hand, and they have built in safeties (for those of you who need them [grin]). And they conceal easily, too. I wear my Springfield all the time, and no-one knows it's there unless I tell them. And yes, I HAVE shot Glocks. They are ugly, uncomfortable and expensive. They do shoot nice, but that is the only thing I can say for them. If you absolutely HAVE to spend a lot of money for your pistol, get a Kimber.

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    I find the 45 round easier to shoot than the 40 S&W round. The latter is moving much faster so the recoil takes place in a much shorter time frame. Double stack 45's tend to be large to hold the fat rounds. That is fine if your hand is fairly big but can cause problems if your hands are small or medium size. This is not a problem with single stack 45's.

    Glocks basically do not have a natural point of aim for most people. This is not a problem if that is all you will shoot as you will make the adjustment. When it becomes a problem for me is when I switch between my Glocks and my other guns. It takes me a few rounds to get the adjustment accomplished. For example my SIGS and XD's and 1911's have natural point of aim meaning that they come up on the target with little or no adjustment needed. I can switch between these guns with little effort. To get the Glock on target I need to adjust my wrist to line up the sights. Try this simple test to determine your natural point of aim. Get a good grip on the pistol and close your eyes and bring the gun up, open your eyes and see how close the sights are to being right on the target. The less adjustment needed to get the sights right on, the better that gun will have a natural point of aim for you.

  11. Glock?

    I've shot them all and my hands down favorite is the Smith M&P. The ergonomics blow the Glock (block)away.
    The included palm inserts make it fit like a glove.

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