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Thread: Three favorite 45 pistols

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    1. taurus 1911
    2. EAA Witness .45 Stainless
    3. EAA witness .45 Black

    One i'd give away if someone wanted it. Hipoint .45

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ropadope View Post
    1911, 1911, 1911.

    An XD .45 ACP compact that get's 865fps ? No way. I'll chrono that 3 inch and show anybody that cares to know that your only getting maybe 650-700fps.

    Just because the box say's it does not mean your getting it. It's alway's out of a 5" barrel that those velocities are chrono'd
    and single action army peacemaker!
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    Exclamation Make mine a HK USP 45

    HK USP 45 full size
    1911 full size

    HK MK23 crew served hand gun

  5. I've only owned two .45's. The first, a Glock 36, I did not care for at all. Not a bad gun, but I just didn't like the way it shot for me. The second, an XD45 Tactical, I love. Never a problem (for the guy who watched someone with an XD40 have several problems) and nicely balanced with the 13 round magazine.

    I definitely wouldn't mind owning a Sig 220 Combat and an XDm 45.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Les Maynard View Post
    Kimber Ultra CDP II, Kimber Pro Carry II, Kimber Eclipse Custom II
    +1 I hear ya. I only have one Kimber, but I vote for it three times!
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    I love my Charles Daly 1911 full-size and ParaOrd Warthawg. For a third .45, I'd have to give the nod to Para's Hi-Cap Limited .45. Their Light Double Action trigger is SMOOOTH.

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    Kimber Ultra CDP II, Taurus PT 1911, Colt 70 series combat commander. But the new Remington R1 looks good and I'll have to buy one of those soon.

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    1. SAA 45 Long Colt
    2. HK MK. 23
    3. Colt 1911

  10. Quote Originally Posted by dobleceroseite View Post
    1. SAA 45 Long Colt
    2. HK MK. 23
    3. Colt 1911
    Strange you mentioned the SAA in .45 Colt. I've got a Uberti clone that's a .45 Colt/.45ACP convertible. I'd forgotten all about it having a .45ACP cylinder until I saw your post.

    Now I gotta clean out the safe until I find that cylinder.

  11. Love my Colt Stainless 1911 Gold Cup National Match ! Fits my hand, Shoots a tight group, and with common sense maintenance NO problems...Colts need to be clean and quality mags used.

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