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Thread: Three favorite 45 pistols

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    Sorry guys/gals but all this talk about 1911A1's get me all excited inside. Pardon me while I catch my breath
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    My M&P45 is a smooth shooter and makes tight groups. I can carry it in the SuperTuck...

    I like my Stainless Colt Officer's ACP for carry. With a 3.5" barrel it still groups good at 50ft...

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    Favorite 45's

    1- Taurus Judge
    2- Bond Arms Derringer
    3- L.A.R. Grizzley
    4- "No More Tears" single by Ozzy Osborne

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    Full-sized 1911, Commander-sized 1911, compact 1911.

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    1911 Gvt. built by Kings Gun Works. RIP
    Pre 80 Commander built by Daves Metal Works.
    Smith and Wesson 5" 625

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    I carry daily a XD45 acp compact - I also carry two spare mags - with extensions 16rd each (Hollow points).
    I used to work on the 1911 Colts in the military and most were junk -- Wore out from use -- had to rebuild from scratch 61 of them. I tried Glock and Kimber but love the Springfield - installed a trigger kit and a weaver mounted Laser - Have shot over
    2000 rounds with out a hitch. Only other that I would consider carrying is the new XDm 40 -- Shot my best friends the other
    day at the range - Very smooth and accurate. I did not think I would like it, but now a convert, plus the fact that the ammo is

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    Exclamation My initial post is no longer accurate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Things have changed since I started this thread

    I sold the Kahr PM45 and the XD45. I still have the Glock 38, but don't carry it.


    My favorite 45 pistols are (all obtained since this thread started):
    -Kimber Ultra Carry II stainless TLE, most concealable of the 3, used in Smartcarry or IWB "appendix carry"
    -Kimber CDP Compact, 3:00 strong side IWB
    -Colt XSE Lightweight Commander with XS Big Dot night sights, 3:00 strong side IWB and for HD.

    As you can see, various sizes of 1911 models have taken over.

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    My Favorite 3

    Colt Gold Cup National Match Tweeked to the max Race Gun
    Springfield 1911A1. Some Tweeking
    Glock 36 some Tweeking
    Carry all 3. 1911s mainly in Winter very short here in SE Florida
    Other 11 months Glock 36 or Snubby about 10 percent of the time
    Thin Blue Line
    Asst CCW Instructor FL

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    1- Taurus Judge
    2- Bond Arms Derringer
    3- L.A.R. Grizzley
    4- "No More Tears" single by Ozzy Osborne
    Number 4 on a 45 ?..................................That damn thing must be old !!!

    Glock 21sf

    SA MC Operator

    Wilson Combat X-Tac 1911 .45 ACP
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ropadope View Post
    Number 4 on a 45 ?..................................That damn thing must be old !!!
    Glad to see that you know about that type of 45 is. Let me reclassify my list,

    1- .45 Colt/.410 Shotshell
    2- Ditto
    3- .45 Win Mag
    4- 45 RPM

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