My first adopted baby
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    My first adopted baby

    Well I got my baby today. It is a RIA 1911 A1 .45 cs
    It is beautiful and has a very smooth trigger pull.
    I was so excited I actually did a little happy dance. I haven't taken it to the range yet, but plan on spending next Saturday putting about 200 rounds through it.

    YAY! I finally figured out how to attach pictures with photo bucket. I not so dumb after all.
    (RIA .45 cs)
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    Nice looking gun and target(s).
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    you will love it i started with the base gun now my 1911 is all custom besides the frame and slide. great great great base gun. i was at the range with a friend and all i had done so far is toss in a trigger and bam it was shooting as well or better than my friends wilson. the thing is these guns are made on the same machines as the 1911 that won WWII. you will love it and it will love you forrever. my RIA is what got me into gunsmithing have fun

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