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Thread: .380 which one?

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    I've shot the Kel-Tec many times, and it's a great "little friend".

    The only other .380 I've shot is mine, which is a Taurus PT-58. Not exactly what I would consider great for CC, as it's pretty heavy. Great gun, no problems with it, but it's way heavier than my Glock 23.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigC View Post
    i noticed no safety device for the ruger or keltech. is there any possible because i currently carry my 45 locked and loaded and would prefer to carry the .380 the same way?

    does the micro eagle have a safety?
    Check out the new SIG 238 which is based on the old Colt Mustang design, SA and can be carried L&L. The MSR price is about $520, but they are going for more on the auction sites as it was just released this month, however I've seen a few at dealers in the mid $400 range.

    I personally own an LCP which I like can carry daily, but I'm interested in one of these too.

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    That Sig is interesting but at over 15 ounces it is too heavy for me.

    My NAA 22 mag = 6.2 Oz
    My P3AT = 8.3 Oz
    My J frame .357 = 11.5 Oz (PD340)
    Sig P238 = 15.2 Oz.
    My PT111 = 18.7 Oz

    Just too heavy for me.

    It is a nice looking gun but if I got one my wife would probably immediately use it on me.

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    1970's to 1990 Walther PPK/s (carried by police departments and spy agencies around the globe)


    Bersa CC (concealed Carry) it is smaller than the Bersa Thunder and 380.


    Sig P232 (expensive)
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    My wife loves her LCP

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    I have both the Bersa thunder and Kel-Tec P3AT 380's have had no trouble with ether one. The lack of saftey on the Kel-Tec has not been a concern because of the trigger pull. I like the feel of the Bersa but for in your pocket or on your ankle the Kel-Tec is great.
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  8. Some Makarovs have been made in .380 ACP instead of 9mm x 18. It seems like a pretty rugged reliable design.

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    I've had a PPK/S for years. Love it. Carry with the safety off, hammer down, and get the first shot off Double-Action. Small, flat, comfortable, reliable...with an IWB holster or a Fobus paddle, it can't be beat. And the .380, while not a major caliber, is a snotty little round that can make a mess of your day if you're on the 'catching' end.

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    My BUG is a Ruger LCP. Functions great, accurate enough, lightweight, easy to conceal. I carry it loaded with Hornady Critical Defense: a great combo.

  11. I have the LCP with a CT laser on it, and love it.

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