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  1. Sig P232

    I carry a Sig P232 in my pocket. It's the Stainless version but I actually forget it is even there. Not as compact as the Ruger, Kahr, or new Sig. But I like it. especially with my Hornady Critical Defense ammo. Plus, my gunshop called me yesterday to tell me they have 380 ammo in stock now!! And more on the way. It's range ammo, too. Will buy 200rnds today plus some 38spl for my wife. A DA/SA or DA only auto pistol does not really need a safety, since it acts like a revolver when in DA mode. Its the 10 pound DA long trigger pull that acts like a safety. If you buy small DA/SA pistol, just don't pack it around in SA mode. If you really want the redundant safety, then check out a Walther PPK. I did, but bought the Sig. Try a P232 with the Hogue grip and you will not want another pistol.

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    LOL, agreed it's not the same

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    380acp concealed carry

    I have a sig sauer p232 in stainless steel. It's a beautifull gun. Is 23.5oz. Take a look at it.

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    I have a Colt Mustang Pocketlite and although available and hard to find on the used gun market they are an excellent gun and handle plus p very well. They are pricey when you find one but well worth the price.I use Magsafe ammo in mine and makes the 380 a very viable defense round.There are several other excellent rounds providing good penetration and stopping power. Whatever 380 you settle on make sure the ammo is adequate and the gun able to handle the load you choose to carry.

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    If I were considering a .380, I'd get the Kahr. It's light weight, sits really low in the hand, easy to shoot and the slide locks back after the last round.
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  7. I have never regretted buying my Walther PPK/S.
    It's been a good reliable piece.

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    I've been looking at the Sig. 238 and it might be an easy alternative to finding a Colt Mustang Pocketlite.I may get one of them so I can retire my Colt.As I stated before pick the gun you like best and feels ribht in your hand.You might consider a Kahr in 380 also.

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    Just a note, the Kel-Tec's do have a safety. It's an automatic hammer block safety, which is engaged until the trigger is pulled. Similar in operation to the safeties on a Glock.

    I've actually been looking at the PF-9 lately. Looking for a pocket gun that can serve as a backup to my G23, as well as those rare times when activities just won't keep the 23 from printing.

    I still like the P3AT, but not real fond of being stranded with .380. Well, not real fond of 9mm either, but it's better than nothing. Not to start a caliber war or anything, just my personal comfort level.

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