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    I carry a Springfield Armory XD45 Tactical

  3. I am a relative newbie. My always carry is a Kahr PM 9 in a UBG IWB holster. I have just recently started practicing my draw, but started with my XD 9 in a OWB holster. Just using snap caps in the house so far, but I think I do pretty good, my average draw and shoot time is usually under 1 second. (My best time surprised me at only 0.6 seconds but that only happened once. The big question? With snap caps I don't know if I would have hit a barn.

    A friend decided to time me at the range today with my Kahr, but he wanted to time me through 5 shots. He said he read that a good time was five shots in 5 seconds including the draw. Range was 21 feet and he pinned up a 4 X 5 inch paper. I got 4 of five in the 4X5 in 4.93 seconds. I missed the first shot.

    To be honest I think I was very lucky to get 4 of 5 in that small a target with my small Kahr although it would not have shocked me with either my 5 " 1911 or 4" XD 9. Heck I'm lucky to hit that small a target 4 out of 5 with no time constraints and careful aiming between shots with the tiny Kahr.

    What I don't know is if that is good, bad, or average as I had only been timing the first shot with a snap cap.

    How do you practice drawing and shooting? What distance, what size target and what is a good time?
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    Sounds very good to me Puppy.

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    Springfield 1911 A1 GI
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    Main carry weapon HKP2000 SK LEM. Sometimes I carry a second gun, most often a Glock 19. I also have a Sig and Walthers. When I need to go real small I have a Beretta Tomcat.
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  7. Mine is a Kimber CDP11 in a andrews iwb.-keltec 32 mouse.

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    kc4yrr sounds like you and I think a lot alike when it comes to carry guns. I carry a SA 9mm subcompact also. I carry it in a 5.11 tactical vest. I can draw and present the weapon from the vest in just under 1 and 1/2 seconds.
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    Rossi .357Magnum. Not sure of the model number, but visually its a copy of a S&W 686.

  10. Have you shot alot? Had one of their snubies that when it got hot it locked up.I had to take a stone to the cylinder after using guage to see issue.

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    Its been my faithful friend for about 15years. I've put hundreds of rounds through it, but it does have its quirks. You get what you pay for. I've never had trouble with the action locking up unless I try to "stage" the trigger. When I first got it, the rim of some ammo was too thick to allow the cylinder to close, a little polishing of the cylinder took care of that. Also, if I fire .38's and then fire .357's without cleaning in between the .357 cases get stuck from all the funk the .38's left in the end of the chamber. Simple solution is I just stick to .357's.

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