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    Being a former Marine, I prefer an AR type "black rifle". In keeping with my minimalist approach to weapons accessories are kept to a minimum. Only an EOTech on a dominator mount, verticle foregrip, ambi safety select, and skeleton stock with a single pooint sling 'cuz colapsibles are illegal in CT. From CQ out to 200 its wicked fast into action.

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  3. If I could only have one!

    I would have to go with the AK 47. It is not as pretty as the AR 15, but the ugly AK will work when all other has jammed and shut down. If could not get my hands on the AK, a shotgun of any size or shape will do quite well:D.

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    Got a nifty little JC Higgins 12-ga pump. Old as the hills but it's been going "Bang-slickety-Bang" without a hiccup since I was 12. It was well-used then, and that's a long time ago!

    For more modern (and more distant) applications I'd like to have a Bushmaster. Or an M14 -or- Garand.

    Hey...as long as I'm dreamin'!
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    If I only had one Of my own it would be rem 7400 in 3006 with 20 round mags. All listed above are good and ak is high on the list.

  6. Definitely an AR-15. They are dead accurate and if you get one from a quality mnufacturer, and if you know how to take care of it you won't have any problems. I wouldn't mind having an AK, but I wouldn't give up one of my AR's for one.
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    An AR type carbine.. chambered in 7.62 / .308 Win, or 6.8 SPC

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    Definitely my AR's! You just can't beat an AR, you can put just about anything on it. For a little longer range and knock down power I just use my AR with a 223 X 6mm (6X45) barrel. I load mine with 100gn Speer FMJBT. It will do the job.
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  9. CMMG M4 Carbine in .223 or, for a bit more short range "oomph", my Ruger Mini-30 in 7.62.
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    For the sake of practicality, ease of use, reliability, and cost, nothing beats a Mossberg Persuader 12 gauge pump.

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    If I could only have one

    I would just have to go with a medium caliber rifle. Probably the Remington 700 series in 30-06 with a decent scope rigged out. Because, HEY, sometimes you just might need to reach waaay out and touch something, my handguns would have to handle the close-in security.
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